Adopted Dejar De Fumar to quit

What is rehabilitation smoking?

Smoking rehabilitation is a program for chain smokers to help them quit. These include behavioral counseling to break the psychological dependence on snuff products. The program is very useful for those who are really ready to quit.
Are provided with personal care and personal motivation for cessation.

What are the options for quitting?

There are a number of ways to quit smoking. One of the best is to enroll as a member of the program to quit. Take a number of methods to help smokers to quit. Some of the methods adopted are cold turkey, Chcontrax, fading nicotine, nicotine gum, nicotine lozenges, nicotine patch, nicotine nasal spray, nicotine inhaler and Zyban.

Technical-cold turkey is a one step process. In this method, smokers should quit immediately. In this sense, the person must have a strong desire to quit. The second method is called Chcontrax. Chcontrax is a pill free reducing nicotine withdrawal symptoms and reducing smoking satisfaction. Chcontrax be taken for 12 weeks to complete recovery. The third method is nicotine fading. In this method, the smoker takes care of smoke with reduced levels of nicotine. Is reduced day by day and week after week. This is a step by step process. This method will reduce the withdrawal symptoms of smoking. This process is easy to follow.

Nicotine gum is another method to quit smoking. Chewing gum is a substitute for smoking source. Reduces withdrawal symptoms during smoking cessation. It is a six-month training program. A major disadvantage of this treatment method is that it has fewer side effects such as nausea and light headedness. Nicotine patch is one of the simplest methods to quit smoking. Provides a substitute source of nicotine patch to reduce the process of quitting. This patch is applied to the skin of 12 weeks duration.

Another method is called nicotine lozenge. In this method a nicotine lozenge is taken every two hours to reduce withdrawal symptoms. This can be administered alone and requires a high level of determination to quit. Nicotine nasal spray is also an effective means to stop smoking. Nicotine spray must be used each time to reduce withdrawal symptoms. Nicotine inhaler is another way to quit smoking. In this regard, the nicotine inhaler is used as a substitute for nicotine to reduce the signs of withdrawal during smoking cessation.

Besides all the methods adopted to quit, the role played by the addict himself is of utmost importance. Lot of determination and purest desires addicts resist the withdrawal symptoms and smoking cessation is needed.

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