Admired Decorating for the season and respected

Decorate according to the tone of voice

Choose the color of the decor from our voice is an extravagant and fairly novel concept, which presents a Norwegian based multinational company. On their website you can perform a sound of our voice, either to determine a base color that characterizes us, or to create a pattern or color scheme.

From this, here we discuss the relationship between sounds and personality types, characterizing them in seven colors that you can use as inspiration to determine the decoration of your rooms.

Tips for decorating according to the tone and personality
Red. The main color is red. He is passionate and full of life. According to the analysis of sounds, personalities who prioritize this color are strong, passionate and very creative. They are extremely vibrant voices that correspond to very remote optimistic personalities of monotony in everyday life. Although this color is associated with danger, it is also the color of love, passion and desire.

Orange. Then orange option is presented. It is a cheerful color that corresponds with similar personalities. Voice tones that belong to prioritize cheerful, positive, fun and spontaneous people generally. This color symbolizes a departure from rationality to give way to intuition and reason primarily heart. It is a very dynamic color that arouses curiosity.

Green. The color green is a much calmer color. It corresponds to voices belonging to people above all sincere and very friendly and cordial. It is chosen to common rooms, as it symbolizes the care for others. It is the color of tranquility, balance, freshness and nature. To secure and hopeful personalities is also corresponds something dreamy.

Yellow. Yellow is the color prioritized by voice tones extremely happy people and great humor. However, it is also the color of minds focused on labor, as it provides concentration and good decision-making. The yellow color is associated with smart and happy personalities, with good energy and enthusiasm.

Lila. The lilac, meanwhile, matches all voice belonging to creative, idealistic and highly independent personalities, so it is often used in children’s rooms. It represents people who have very clear objectives, and also how to get them. It is also the color of power, luxury and magic, so it usually choose office.

Blue. The blue color is the most patient of colors. It is associated with voice tones sensible, sensitive and very persistent, also successful personalities. It is the color that represents, but also more stable and wise admired and respected personalities.

Neutral. Finally, the neutral colors (like grays and pastels) are prioritized by voices of people disciplined and perfectionist. It’s strategists personalities primarily focused on their goals well and with great inner life.

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