Acne tratamiento chemicals and diet

Myth acne tratamiento 1 – Oily skin does not need moisturizer – Wrong!

All skin, even oily skin needs a moisturizer. Your body produces oil to keep your skin supple and healthy. If you have very oily skin then the pores of your skin that produce oil are working overtime that can happen for lots of different reasons.

If you wash your face a lot and are constantly passing your face of its natural oils without using moisturizer, you may actually be making the problem worse!

Myth acne tratamiento 2 – You need prescription drugs to control acne – False!

If you have bad acne and you’re worried about seeing a doctor, do not worry! There are many alternative treatments for acne do not have to go near a physician for use. Drug stores offer a variety of solutions ranging from simple masks thickets astringent.

There are also many home remedies and holistic products that can be used to treat acne. Keeping the skin clean and healthy may be all you need to ward off mild to moderate acne.

Myth acne tratamiento 3 – Acne treatments are not cheap – False!

Some of the best acne treatments are free! Using a hot damp towel to open pores before washing your face can help tremendously. You can also wash your face just after a shower to get the same results. Warm water helps to open your pores which makes it much easier to get rid of oil and dirt.

Also you do not necessarily need an expensive and moisturizing soap to treat acne well. The cheapest things can work as well as the expensive stuff. I found two products that I like cost of only 11 – for both.

Myth acne tratamiento 4 – Acne is only a problem for teenagers, adults do not – False!

Adults and young alike can suffer from acne, and can be devastating no matter how old you are. While acne in adolescents, is usually attributed to hormonal changes, acne in adults could be the result of chemicals and diet, not just hormones.

Remember – there are many ways to treat acne that actually do the work, so do not give up hope!

Myth acne tratamiento 5 – tan will be rid of your acne – False!

Although tanning makes change the color and texture of your skin, not get rid of acne. Tan skin is darker and thicker untanned skin color, acne making it much harder to see.

Tanning or spending too much time in the sun also dries the skin out (think of a peeling sunburn! ), Which could also help dry your acne – but not get rid of it! Aside from not being a good treatment for acne, tanning also damages the skin and can cause even worse problems down the road.

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