Acne makeup suffers

The holiday season is fast approaching, and maybe you have a special someone who suffers from acne. The dilemma is how to present with a gift this holiday season that helps to fight acne without seeming too rude or insulting in the process.

Believe me, some people do get offended at the thought of you trying to help them with practical gifts to help with your condition.
Even if it is well understood. Most people want some that is not only visually pleasing, but also has the use and meaning in their world.

For acne suffers who wish to buy a bottle of Proactiv for themselves, but as a gift receiveing altogher is another story. Give something that is nice astheitally and helps fight and prevent acne can really be a challenge.

There is an option however, mineral makeup is a solution that is not only pleasing to the eyes, it also is recommended by dermatologists around the world to help fight acne and soften skin. Mineral makeup because it is free and onshore oil in that fine dust will not clog pores is ideal to prevent further breakouts.

Mineral makeup is all natural minerals extracted from the earth and ground into a fine powder. Different combinations of mineral produce different colors for a wide range of colors so that no need to die or chemicals.

Mineral makeup is not soluble in water and sheilds skin moisture enter the pores when worn. If moisture to enter the pores of the acne bacteria feeds dies. The main ingredients in mineral makeup are titanium dioxide and zinc oxide. You may recognize these minerals from the list of ingredients on the back of any bottle of sunscreen. This is because these minerals are natural sunblocks. Zinc oxide is also known for its skin soothing properties.

Mineral makeup is very pleasing that the mixture of powders with smooth skin and need such a small amount to cover the skin that look very natural. Both zinc oxide and titanium dioxide also reflact light and give your face a beautiful glow without looking shiny.

Be sure to check the labels, but for Bismouth oxychloride added some marks to the top mineral composition to give a shiny appearance. Bismouth Oxychloride can irritate acne.

Give the gift of natural beauty all health this season does not have to be impossible with mineral makeup.

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