Acne inconspicuous

Acne in teenagers is very common. It usually appears in the onset of puberty and can be very distressing for adolescents.

When the body starts producing hormones, the tiny oil glands known as sebaceous glands in the hair follicle to be more active.
This excess oil is combined with the normal shedding of dead skin cells due to clogged pores. Oil and bacteria trapped within a pore is the beginning of a shin. It usually takes about two weeks for a pimple to the surface is the reason you often can feel before viewing.

There are many myths and misconceptions related to the development of acne in teens – junk food, poor hygiene and even masturbation! Absolutely none of these ideas are true.

You do not cause acne. Hormone development is a fact of life and there is nothing you can do about it. However, you can do something about the resulting acne. Good, consistent skin care program can make a world of difference!

Acne is not caused by lack of cleanliness and excessive washing can irritate the problem. Gently washing twice a day using hot water, a facecloth soft and mild, hypoallergenic soap. Never scrub! You may even want to try several very good acne skin care programs on the market specifically designed to control acne.

Most acne in teens responds well to over-the-counter products containing benzoyl peroxide. This ingredient is available in a variety of lotions and creams. The percentage of benzoyl peroxide available varies between brands. Choose a product with the highest concentration possible – usually around ten percent. Always a DAB Test on an inconspicuous part of your body to see if there is any reaction. Use only what you need to spot treat the affected areas. Benzoyl peroxide can cause excessive drying of the skin if used too much.

Although it is difficult to resist the urge to ‘pop’ pimples. This will only aggravate your acne by spreading the bacteria to other areas. It can also lead to permanent scarring.

It is best not to wear any makeup at all but if you do, choose cosmetics labeled ‘noncomedogenic. They are specially formulated not to promote acne. Never go to bed without removing your makeup!

There are many options available today for the treatment and control of acne in teenagers. If you find that you have little success with their current routine skin care, visit Skincare Acne Help Guide.

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