Acne controls

Acne can be easily divided into three main types. All three types of acne are classified and this classification is usually based on the severity of the disease.

Gravity is greater depending on the number of lesions present in the body, in relation to the presence of persistent, psychological, and to drive them.

– Types of Acne

a) Comedonal
This type of acne can be considered as the initial phase of the proceedings. Usually it is triggered by the start of puberty. He begins his appearance on the nose and can progress further the involvement of controls, forehead and chin. Conedonal acne consists of black heads and white heads. No traces of grain. This type of acne may exist separately or with many other types of acne.
b) Papulopustular
This is the most common type. It is also considered as the main type. Appears on the skin as reddish grains and can easily be mild or severe. Acne, commonly located on the arms, neck, back, chest and body.
c) Nodulocystic
Nodulocystic acne is considered the most serious type. It is more serious than Papulopustular acne and also implies the presence of large lesions deep, also known as nodules. It can also lead to the formation of acne cysts. It can also affect the chest, face and back. This type is more common among men.
d) Other
Acne has many forms. These are seen as a small red dot to large pus-filled cysts. However, all these guys are interrelated. This means that they are developed from one another. They can also be completely independent in origin.
e) Nodules
These are severe forms of acne also known as cyst, because they are filled with pus appear in sac-like formation. These are also considered as the worst type of infection tends to spread under the skin into the surrounding tissues around the site of primary infection. These are filled with pus and usually run deep within the skin. Nodules can be very painful and scarring.
f) Cystic
This type is very common and caused by squeezing, pinching or picking up small pus-filled acne. These activities makes the pus inside the cyst that burst into the skin tissue and results in a mechanism body sends white blood cells to the affected area and these cells towards combating work against bacteria . Cystic acne also results in a large ccontradad swelling and inflammation deep roots that ultimately results in pain.
g) Acne Vulgaris
This consists of black and white heads. This is easy to treat and can be addressed through the application of 2.5 percent Benzoyl peroxide topically on the infected area.

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