Accesibilidad buildings and improvements


The current State Plan promoting rental housing, the edificatoria rehabilitation and regeneration and urban renewal, 2013-2016, sets out a series of aid which permit not only the financing of actions aimed at the conservation of buildings and improvements quality and energy efficiency of a condominium, but also those activities aimed at improving accessibility to the community and within it.

Among the eligible activities in the rehabilitation of communities aimed at improving accessibility, namely those that allow communities adapt and access to housing and local current regulations they are:

Installation of elevators, stair lifts, accessibility rampasu other devices, including those adapted to the needs of people with sensory disabilities.

Installation or provision of supporting products such as cranes or similar devices that allow access and use by persons with disabilities to common elements of the community (gardens, sports grounds, swimming pools.
. ).

The installation of elements of information or warning (light or sound signals) permitting the guidance in the use of stairs and elevators.

Installation of elements or electronic devices of communication between the housing and the outside (videoporteros or similar).

In aid for all these actions for the rehabilitation and improvement of accessibility of a condominium may be included, according to the State Plan edificatoria rehabilitation and urban regeneration: the fees of the professionals involved, the cost of project development, technical reports and certificates required, administrative handling expenses, and related overheads, provided they are duly justified.

Recall that the current legislation on Building and rehabilitation of a condominium is contained in the Technical Building Code, which, in its basic document DB-SU Safety in use and accessibility, establishes the objective parameters and procedures which ensure compliance meeting the basic requirements for safety in use and accessibility of owners and communities which have to accommodate all rehabilitation activities and improving accessibility in communities of owners.

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