Accesibilidad access to public


The elimination of architectural barriers and accessibility in a condominium, basic and vital need in the case of people with disabilities or reduced mobility and over seventy years to achieve or facilitate access to public roads and facilities for common use community Accesibilidad It has become one of the key criteria in judging a condominium rehabilitation and construction of new buildings.

Current legislation on equal opportunities, non-discrimination and accessibility communities requires owners to meet the cost of the works of adaptation of the residents that guarantee the right to enjoy decent and adequate housing.

Obligation which is reflected in the current Condominium Act, which, according to the new wording of Article 10 provides:

The obligation of the owners’ realization works necessary for the proper maintenance and conservation of the building and its services so that it meets the structural, sealing, habitability, accessibility and security.

The obligation of the homeowners to perform the works of accessibility necessary for proper use of the common elements, or for the installation of mechanical and electronic devices favoring their communication with the outside, the total amount not exceeding three monthly ordinary and common costs that are requested by the owners in whose home live, work or provide their services or altruistic volunteers to people with disabilities, and older than seventy years.

That is, anyone with a degree accredited or older than 70 disability may request that their community of owners do renovation and improvement of the accessibility of the building whose cost, if not more than three ordinary monthly by neighbor, it shall be borne by community. When the cost of accessibility works in the homeowners cut through three months ‘recurrent expenditure, the community is not obliged to cover this expense, unless there is valid the matter taken at the meeting of the owners’ agreement.

But not everything in relation to accessibility in communities of owners are obligations, there are a number of aids contained in Royal Decree Accesibilidad, of 5 April, by which the State Plan to promote rental housing is regulated, the edificatoria rehabilitation and regeneration and urban renewal. Specifically its program promoting the rehabilitation edificatoria financing conditions and support for the actions set out in the communities of owners aimed at conserving, improving the quality, sustainability and accessibility of the building.

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