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For thousands of years men have tried several things to improve your performance. Already in the Romans time when athletes used different herbs, botanicals, and potions to enhance their athletic performance, to modern times scientific laboratories, man has sought ways to build a healthier, stronger body over a period shorter time. It’s just the way of man.
Some of these attempts have proved dangerous, but in today’s bodybuilding world, one of the most important issues relates to Creatine danger. Creatine is dangerous?

It was in 1993 that came creatine bodybuilding scene – although it has actually been around since the beginning of time, considering it is a natural substance found in the body. Over time, it became known as the legal and safe response to steroids. At this time, of course, there has been much hype about so many different products – most of which turned out to be false – that the general public, particularly athletes, were skeptical.

Fortunately, there are still athletes willing to seek the answer to the wonderful results of steroids, without all the horrible, dangerous side effects. Because athletes, it was shown that creatine really live up to the promises that the scientific community has regarding its use.

As in any area, however, there are people who always avoid positive, and look for the negatives, and the use of creatine has not been different. Several years after the community bodybuilding supplement accepted as legal and safe alternative to steroids, reports started coming in that use is dangerous – and that caused muscle cramps. There were even doubts about whether the death of some athletes were related to their use. As usual, panic broke out and the great controversy began Creatine.

Fortunately, scientists and world-renowned doctors to look inside the large creatine debate and its conclusions have proven time and again. This is good news for the bodybuilding community. It has been tested and proven, time and again, which is very safe and effective. It is not documented, published information on the research that shows this, not to mention the look and athletes.

However, there is absolutely no published data that reflects some of the negative things you may have heard of Creatine. There are no published data demonstrating that causes muscle cramps, kidney problems, or even death. Kidney scare comes from the fact that the use of creatine increases urine output, and urine is rich in creatine. This, however, does not impair their health in any way . . . . or kidneys. The same applies to the liver – not hurt your liver in some way. However, if you are ingesting supplement undisolved, you can make you experience abdominal discomfort for a short time.

So, is there any real danger creatine? The only danger comes to creatine is misinformation. It is safe, effective, and what has been proven time and again, research has also explored the possibility that it is not safe, without any positive results of this claim.

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