Wedding bouquets Sunflower

For a successful wedding is necessary to have beautiful wedding decorations. If you centerpiece or bouquets, you need to decorate the wedding area to enhance the beauty of the occasion. The budget for the wedding, the season, the theme of the wedding, etc are some important factors to consider when planning the preparations for the floral wedding.
There are different types of beautiful flowers that can be used for making bouquets, corsages, boutonnieres, centerpieces, flowers, etc, like Casablanca lily, pink, etc, are some of the expensive wedding flowers, while sunflowers and chrysanthemums are cheap wedding flowers. Therefore you can choose wedding flowers according to your wedding budget. Sunflowers are beautiful and bright flowers that can be used for inexpensive weddings. Scroll down and find out more about making bouquets with sunflowers.

Make Wedding Bouquets Sunflower

The sunflower is a simple and elegant flower known for its large flower head and bright yellow. Each flower has a meaning and sunflowers are associated with longevity and loyalty. So using sunflowers to make wedding bouquets is very significant. They make some of the best flowers for weddings and used cheap popular for summer weddings. You can buy sunflowers in a florist or even grow your own sunflowers in the garden. Sunflowers growth is quite simple and sunflower seeds are available at affordable prices. These flowers are available in various sizes and due to its large flower heads, very few flowers needed to make wedding bouquets. The bright yellow color of these flowers blend well with other flowers that are white or purple in color. No special decorative materials for preparing a wedding bouquet with sunflowers is needed. Even a group of 3-4 sunflowers together make a bunch of simple but elegant wedding. Sunflowers are very large and therefore you can make bouquets with fewer sunflowers.

Wedding Bouquet Ideas Sunflower

There are many advantages of using sunflowers for bouquets. Sunflowers have thick stems and large, and therefore you do not have to make special arrangements for holding bouquets. These flowers last quite long and therefore the wedding bouquet fresh look for a longer period of time. The colors of the wedding flower should always complement the dress of the bride and yellow is a nice bright color blends well with almost any color.

While using other flowers in the bouquet, make sure to use the flowers with colors that blend well with the color yellow. Moms and carnations, with its white, purple and orange, make a good addition to bouquets of sunflowers. While using sunflowers with large heads make use of only 3 or 5 flowers and use more than 10 flowers sunflowers used when small with a diameter of 2 inches. Also use decorative material as baby’s breath and floral cables. While the organization of sunflowers, ensure that each flower looks out in different directions. If you simply squeeze together the flowers, the petals being crushed. While the organization of sunflowers in the field, slightly arching stems for a natural look.

Although sunflower are not popular as roses or calla lilies, these flowers are the best choice when you have a low budget for wedding decoration. Sunflower bouquets wedding can be used for summer weddings, beach weddings or sunflower wedding theme, so having a beautiful and brilliant wedding and discard any hint of pessimism with sunflowers.

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