Types of curtains for the house

Types of Curtains for the Home

Choose from so many (and so different) types of curtains for the windows, windows and doors to the home appears to be an impossible task. But you can do just considering what are the main advantages and disadvantages of each version of curtains, the most common consideration.

Here you have some good ideas to keep in mind to choose between different types of curtains.

Function curtains

The curtains are much more than a decoration in home environments. Clear that add color, volume and charm, but the main feature of all is give privacy curtains inside the home, making a reinforcing thermal and acoustic insulation, but also regulate the entry of natural light. You can choose them fixed or mobile, automated or manual, and even made from rigid materials such as wood slats and others.

In these times it has also popularized the use of mixed types of curtains, as black-outs and light background above genres, to combine function with aesthetics more easily.

Types of curtains for every room

Not because it is beautiful we must choose a curtain that is not practical, or does not comply with its crucial functions for the best experience of each room in the home. So, here we have the characteristics of different types of curtains for the house, so you can make a good choice.

Barral curtains and clips

Barral curtains add volume, color and give a classic look, adaptable to different landscapes and interior aesthetic thanks to prints, colors, genres and subject to barral systems. They can be single or double, and also overcome roughly the size of the opening, going from the opening to the ground, or cover the entire wall height.

Barral curtains are classic, and you can easily confeccionarlas with different tissues, in addition to choosing the standard, which makes them one of the most used types.

Meanwhile, curtains clips are more modern, but you can adapt its aesthetic through the use of colors and materials. As hide the rod, they are suitable for smaller and classic stays. Cool curtains for still existing slip and so we can use a less showy barral.

Cafe curtains

The cafe curtains are ideal for higher plants or somewhat elevated homes, but also for the story. Since they cover only half or three quarters of lower openings provide privacy while increasing the income of natural light. They can be combined with one side (a kind of curtain) of the same gender, if the windows are very high and we want to reduce the view from outside just an intermediate section of the crystal.

Types of curtains for the house: Folding

Folding are other types of economic shades, as are made in a single piece which is fixed on top of the opening. Divide the top by rigid rods that allow lift them to the desired height with a single conveyor system. Also there are no rods, and are called pachettos, while the former can be folded or rolled upon itself Masses tube, the most suitable for natural materials such as wicker and others, suitable for outdoor as this mechanical hide visibility and entry of light.

Among this line of types of curtains, you can also choose the blinds, which work in a similar way but with a double rope system. Colors are usually natural materials, natural or synthetic genres that impede visibility.

Similar to them are the latest calls black-out or screen, that are made with far more compact and thick materials, and make a total blockade of admission of natural light (hence the name), while providing greater isolation Thermal and acoustics, but are rather unsightly sight in any environment that does not look minimalist and modern-industrial.

American blinds and accounts

Other are very practical curtain vertical blinds or American type, made from plastic slats, and other soft metals, which are arranged horizontally and collected up to open them. Through a fairly simple system you can tilt the rods to regulate the entry of light and privacy environments.

Finally, the accounts are arranged in vertical strips and can be made up according to the aesthetics of the environment, using different types of accounts, colors and materials. To collect this type of curtains for the house, they attached or secured to one side of the opening.

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