Maintaining covers generally requires periodically check the status of each of the components thereof and especially the surfaces forming the cover, ie, handkerchiefs or skirts, the waterproof coating with that achieved to seal the deck and collection system and sewage disposal.

Depending on who holds the Community cover maintenance requirements will vary, so some maintenance is only possible by technical specialists perform as in the case of pitched roofs. If anything, the current legislation on building, establishes a series of controls necessary to keep the cover of the buildings in perfect condition, some of which can and should be made by the homeowners (scanning and removal of dirt cover at least once a month, removing the excessive accumulation of snow on the roof and overhaul in especially bad times).

Others must be regularly performed by technicians and specialists: Cleaning sinks, bowls, downspouts, drainage elements, and testing of sealing gaskets, sealing, coating material, hooks and other fastening systems elements located on deck, must be performed annually and at least once every five years should a leak test performed.

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