The facade of a community of owners is not just the outer wall that serves as vertical enclosure wrapping and protecting a wide variety of weather events and agents that affect the building. The facade also by design, materials used in finishing the same, volumes, proportions and a number of aesthetic elements, defined and determined the identity of the residents. The facade of the residents is the visible part and the one that is perceived from the outside.

Facades often coated surface elements whose function is to completion of the building FACADE BRICK in other cases simply the facade of the community is made with walls built factory, factory facades calls view, ie, facades of a condominium building envelope which consists of elements or pieces without any coating. The facades of brickwork can be made with ceramic blocks (bricks) or concrete blocks.

Brickwork facades with ceramic blocks are made with bricks locked and applying techniques bond with mortars. Each piece or brick is usually about 29 cm and can find different kinds of bricks used in the faade brickwork of communities of owners according to their morphology and the type of application to which destinanan: perforated bricks, solid bricks, bricks cup beds, brick tile, pieces (angular, platelets, round corners). Of these, those commonly used in the facades of the communities of owners are solid bricks or perforated bricks that may have been subjected to various treatments such as hydrophobic bricks, vitrified bricks or glazed bricks.

Other important elements in brickwork facades of communities of owners are: mortars, keys (elements that serve to bind the two sheets or different walls of a factory and improve the stability of a wall), waterproofing sheets (especially those facades or parts thereof in which it is possible that water leaks occurring), expansion joints to absorb deformations due to temperature changes and other mechanical FACADE BRICK and thermal insulation (polyurethane, polystyrene, mineral wool).

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