Transforming a gallery

Tansformar or change a gallery

Galleries in old houses or cottages usually an abandoned space which is not given much importance. But if we pay attention to its location, surely it gives us a beautiful landscape onto the patio or garden.

Tips to reform our gallery

If we put a bit of work, we can completely change your appearance and achieve a cozy space, you can even become a favorite for everyone to gather around great talks instead.

Painting. The first thing to do is clean the walls, cover imperfections and lend a hand or two of paint. For these environments often use warm colors like yellow, blue or green cake.

Contrast. You can play with colors and create contrast between the walls and columns, doors, windows, combining two pastels.

Madera. If in the gallery we find wood, instead of paint we can give it a patina hands to achieve a more vintage and rustic feel.

Decoration. And coats the list and dry, we can start thinking like decorate.

You can hang paintings, various elements of indigenous motifs

Instead, lights, and furniture such as chairs, armchairs and a table, where
We will support these vessels to join us in the evenings.

The most suitable furniture for this room are wicker or rattan.

If we give more life, you can use wood furniture upholstered in bright colors, chairs and even hammocks.

Plants. In any gallery you can miss the presence of plants. Choose those that require very little care and shade. If you have flowers, even better.

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