WHAT IS infrared thermography?

Infrared thermography is a technique that enables precise temperature acquisition and analysis of information from a surface by using special devices without the need to have direct contact with the surface. The basis of infrared thermography are in physics to convert measurements of the infrared radiation temperature measurements.

Any object at any temperature above freezing radiates energy which is captured by the infrared cameras.

The applications of infrared thermography in the rehabilitation of a condominium allows not only taking temperature measurements, but has become an indispensable element for predictive and preventive maintenance in communities of owners and to detect defects unobservable for the human eye corrected in time avoid many problems and economic costs for the rehabilitation of communities.

Among the most important applications of infrared thermography we are:

Detection of thermal bridges and insulation failure. Infrared thermography allows to discover the thermal bridges and insulation defects in different environmental conditions both inside and the outside of the building.

Analysis of the thermal behavior of communities of owners. Infrared thermography is one of the best for qualifying and energy certification of a condominium techniques because it allows not only to determine the thermal behavior but also determine the level of thermal insulation.

Location of structural defects, constructive pathologies, are leaks and waterproofing defects (leaks in roofs, control humidity and capillary condensation, leaking pipes).

Infrared thermography is also useful for controlling air conditioning and heating systems, allowing control of underfloor heating, ducts and THERMOGRAPHY control of electrical installations.

Infrared thermography is an effective and rapid technique for the evaluation and fault location early in the homeowners that allows to obtain real-time images of high resolution, thanks to which it is possible to take steps to resolve problems before they get to generate major diseases that require expensive and uncomfortable task of rehabilitation.

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