Sunflowers growing

Writers and poets have tried to capture the beauty of sunflowers with words but with sunflowers in your own garden is such a pleasant experience that can not be described in words. Wild sunflower varieties appear as dense that are highly branched, but the varieties of sunflower plants, preferred by gardeners or private farmers, have a single stem and a head of large seed. If you want to see your garden lit with sunflowers in bloom, you can choose any small or large variety, yellow or orange plant annual and perennial sunflower.

Sunflower plant belongs to the genus Helianthus (Helios means sun) and the name of the species depends on the variety. High quality vegetable oil, sunflower oil is obtained from sunflower seeds. Contains one to 2000 sunflower seeds. The seeds are used to produce medicines, paints, animal feed, bio-diesel, etc. Therefore sunflower is one of the most important cash crops. Sunflowers grow from seeds or the visual effect is easy if you have some basic gardening skills. Let’s look at how to grow sunflowers seeds.

How to plant sunflower seeds

The bright and attractive sunflowers outer petals are sterile and is known as ray flowers. Thousands of small ‘disc florets constituting circular head are real flowers and the flowers mature, they become edible seeds. Sunflower seeds are covered by the inedible husk. You need to plant sunflowers each year. The plants belong to the group of the year. Choose the best quality seeds for better quality plants and flowers. Tall varieties make good glossy screens.

To ensure good flower show, choose a sunny place, as these sun worshipers and flourish in full sun. Deepen and add plenty of compost. You can select a slow release fertilizer. Sunflower seeds are large enough to be planted immediately in the space provided, but birds and ants are capable of destroying some of them. So put two or three seeds at a time in one place and then relocate. If you are thinking of sunflowers growing in pots will need very large pots. Sunflowers can grow 3-18 feet tall and its roots need lots of space to spread out. Make sure the soil is rich and well drained. If you wish, you can start at home and once the seedlings are strong, you can plant outside.

It sunflower growing inside is possible if you have a sunny spot inside your home. The selected site should be sunny all day (or at least most days). Sunflower plants need plenty of room to grow. To maintain a sufficient distance between two floors. A distance of two to three feet is enough for the giant plants, while smaller varieties can be spaced feet apart. You should read more about sunflower plants carefully.

Once the plants begin to grow, require little water. Just keep the soil moist. You should construct a berm around which they are growing sunflower plants and applying liquid fertilizer along the berm of once in a week. You’re supposed to mix organic compounds (so that the soil naturally rich in nutrients) and spread mulch on top of soil (to keep it moist). Pour fertilizer directly on the stems and roots can damage the plant and therefore should be avoided.

According sunflower sunflower plant produced flowers begins 90 to 100 days. Giants bright sunflowers attract birds and butterflies and therefore can transfer your garden into a paradise bird ‘a. There are over sixty sunflower varieties. Popular varieties of sunflower are Teddy Bear Dwarf (2 feet), Giant Gray Stripe (15 feet), Italian White (6 feet) and Orange Sun Bright (6 feet). Just choose any variety of their own choice. If the question when to grow sunflowers’ is lingering in your mind, then remember you are supposed to sow the seeds in spring for plants to sprout sunflower seeds and growing enjoy a warm atmosphere.

Sunflower plants are not affected by disease. So, what are you waiting for? You can ask sunflower seeds Internet. I am sure you will like the heliotropismo ‘rotation sunflower and track the movement of the sun. At sunset, sunflowers back east, waiting for sunrise again! Bright yellow sunflowers can completely change the atmosphere of your home and can brighten your day.

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