Seven tips to redecorate your home in the summer

How to redecorate your house in the summer

To keep our family and our home happy always in harmony just need a little creativity. If you want to renovate your house, give a new look and make it look different, I offer these seven simple tips.

Tips to redecorate your home


– The curtains are perhaps one of the most important and immediate to give your home a different face elements. What test light colors let through light but at the same time produce a feeling of freshness? This is my proposal: colors of yellow and red hues. They are called warm colors. That is, light yellow, dark, Decorar interior Red light and dark, and even light green. You will not believe the prices you can find today the curtains.
The cushions will always be an object of simple and easy to use decoration. If you choose light colors for your curtains, I suggest strong colors for the cushions. You can get a large collection of cushions. Prices are sensational. You know something? . Always pads can be placed in different places in your house. That is, they are interchangeable. You can change from room to room and vice versa. This simple detail will give a new look to your living room and bedrooms. So your home will always have a sense of movement, of constant renewal.
2. – Lighting is another important element of decoration. I suggest two options: candles and lamps. With candles you should always be very careful to avoid accidents, these come in beautiful colors and in different sizes. You can spice up your dinner table with three long white candles or a good size.
3. – With lamps happen to find them at low prices and can completely change the face of your living room. And why not, with your kitchen. Some people do not conceive a lamp in the kitchen, but you can experiment and create a cozy kitchen. You can buy a timer and programs that go on and off at certain times.
4. – Tablecloths and ornaments for the kitchen. A tablecloth can make a big difference and will agree with me that is not something that costs a lot of money. These are ideal if you have a special dinner or an event at home as they tend to give a touch of elegance. For the kitchen you can choose a set of dishcloths and take pots of the same color.
5. – Summer is synonymous with life, sunshine and outdoor events. You can buy a simple board game for your yard and decorate with plants around. You can also give a second wind to which you have, decorating with new cushions for you to enjoy barbecues during the weekend. Some nice furniture and a good table always be a long-term investment.
6. – You can find pergolas let you enjoy the summer without complications mosquitoes. Did you know that if you turn on a fan you’ll ward off mosquitoes? The issue is common sense. The wind produced by the fan makes it impossible for mosquitoes approach where you are. Search fans long leg. They are not expensive and with pergolas make a big difference to enjoy the summer.
7. – The exterior decoration can also be a new Decorar interior think of some for your garden statues or fountains that give a nice feeling of freshness and makes soothing sound. Nothing like sitting outside in the back yard and hear the water running.

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