Since the entry into force of the new Technical Building Code, all construction projects of new construction and rehabilitation of existing buildings must conform to a set of basic requirements set out in the various basic documents cited Technical Code Building.

The rules contained in the Technical Building Code affects not only the basic requirements of the buildings but also and updates and supplements the legal configuration of the agents involved in the process of building, fixing their duties and responsibilities and establishing protection safeguards users.

This sense also regulates the qualifications of products and materials used in the construction and rehabilitation of buildings features.

Within the European Union, according to the Construction Products Directive (CPD) are considered all those construction products manufactured to be incorporated permanently to a work and include materials, semi-finished items, components and works or part thereof both completed and under Aislamiento Térmico It is considered as aids to construction products temporarily incorporated into a work: scaffolding, shoring, encofradosetc.

The qualifications of construction products and building rehabilitation is defined characteristics depending on a number of criteria such as:

The behavior of buildings against water is characterized by the water properties of the construction and rehabilitation products that make up its walls.

Products for thermal insulation and sheet forming the main facade are defined by their degree of water absorption by capillary suction or initial rate of water absorption and the water absorption degree of long-term immersion.

Products for the vapor barrier is defined by the resistance to the passage of water vapor.

Construction products for waterproofing and rehabilitation, depending on the end use thereof, are defined by their sealing properties, resistance to penetration of roots, artificial aging by prolonged exposure to the combination of ultraviolet radiation, high temperatures and water, creep resistance, dimensional stability, thermal aging, low temperature flexibility, resistance to static and dynamic load, elongation at break and tensile strength.

A wide range of products for the construction and rehabilitation exist in the market today, choosing either be made taking into account a number of criteria such as their suitability to the construction element where it is located, the technical characteristics and benefits prescribed by state regulations and standards of good use and its impact on the overall operation of the building.

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