Privacy Shrubs

If the phrase love of neighbor is not your cup of tea, then perhaps it would be better to have a privacy screen or hedge privacy. Privacy Coverage is simply a way to keep your home a little distant from the unpleasant noise and exterior views or decrease overly curious neighbors. This does not imply that those who want to hide something from their neighbors must endure a privacy fence.
It’s just that you like it that way, gives you and your family a space.

Basically, privacy hedges or screens privacy or privacy fences can be both hardscape fences or fences softscape. Hardscape refers to concrete wall, wood or vinyl fences. Softscape fence on the other hand involves a living wall privacy fence, which ran from privacy Hedge plants, especially shrubs. Privacy shrubs and bushes give a different look to the house, a beautiful green contour with the environment and fresh air, above all. The bushes are very common and are the best choice for a fence. Privacy You can maintain the privacy of your home, along with improving the surrounding environment. So, let’s look at the best shrubs for privacy with respect to the growth rate, height and other features.

Fast growing shrubs privacy

Nikko Blue Hydrangea

The most common varieties of Hydrangea, this has bold heads, blue flowers that are round in shape. What makes nikko blue hydrangea bush one good privacy is the fact that the plant has large leaves, often tapers to a point. This plant grows up to 12 feet wide and 12 feet. It is easy to prune too.


These are deciduous shrubs with flowers with bright yellow petals. Primarily a native of Asia, is a species that can be found originating in southern Europe. If not pruned, Forsythia can grow to 30 feet tall and 20 feet wide.

Dogwood Redtwig

A native of West and North America, which is basically a tall shrub. A unique aspect of this is that its branches are dark red and leaves are normally green. It is a fantastic choice in mind your color combination and its growth rate. It grows up to 8 meters high and extends proportionally.

Dwarf Pink Almond

This is another lovely deciduous shrub that gets double pink flowers. It grows fairly quickly, at a height of about 5 meters and width can reach 4 feet. However, pruning is essential after each annual flowering.

There are some others like Chinese Pivet, cranberry, Northern Bayberry, etc, which are also perfect for privacy.

These were the privacy shrubs grow fast, but the problem with most of them is that they lose their foliage in a particular season. So, here are some shrubs that are evergreens for privacy screen.

Privacy evergreen shrubs

Irish Juniper

A favorite gardening experts, is an evergreen shrub with a dense growth columnar shape. A beautiful blue color and a height that can reach up to 12 feet makes it a perfect bush privacy.

Little Red Holly

A compactness combined with a dense growth trait is the little red holly’s all. It is better in specific places or be yards, which do not require a high privacy fence. These have very rapid growth rate, but are evergreen. They are suitable for sculpture as well, which means, you can create a beautifully carved hedge.

Red Tip Photinia

Another evergreen shrub that does not lose its leaves in winter, and receives no new growth in the form of beautiful red leaves. This gives a hint fantastic scenery. This shrub also has a pattern of dense growth.

Emerald Arborvitae

This is a good option when it comes to privacy shrubs due to its characteristic of dense growth and low maintenance. It can reach a height of 15 to 20 feet wide and between 4-6 feet. Has a narrow and upright manner.

Sweet Olive

With dense branches and broad-leaved sweet olive evergreen shrub is one of the unique privacy. A scent of apricot is produced by its tiny white flowers.

Some other green shrubs are increasingly Privacy deodar cedar, laurel cherry, Leyland cypress, sweet viburnum and so on. There are many more, but if I describe them all, is likely to give up the idea of a bush privacy!

Therefore, I will get the item to your order here and hope to build a privacy fence fantastic, with the help of these amazing and colorful shrubs. Make sure you do not forget that good fences make good neighbors, as Robert Frost said in one of his poems!

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