Original ideas for decorating the Christmas tree

6 Ideas to decorate the Christmas tree

Red and green, in just golden decorations in metallic, natural or artificial, green or white colors the options are virtually endless, and the only rule to decorate the pine Christmas is to follow their taste and what evokes in us happiness and enjoyment. If you need inspiration, here are some good ideas.

Christmas tree decorated with fabrics

Whether you have a natural or artificial pine neglects plastic tassels market and make your own decorations in fabric.
For each ornament, cut two forms of star or heart plaid red tones, joining the fronts, sew leaving an open area and turn edges. Stuffed with cotton or fleece and finished close the shape, sticking a red ribbon to tie this figure fills the pine.

Complete with bows in satin ribbon and fluffy (or velvet) in different colors red and gold, with small details made with paint or embroidery threads.

Christmas trees and snail shells

Have shells and snails, I remember your travels? Use them to decorate the Christmas tree.

Adhere a piece of thin rope and fishing these elements hanging pine branches. Small dried with sea stars, you can create unique touches that decorating the Christmas tree white and blue fishing rope, made with simple knots every 20 centimeters as a garland or lametas.

Cookies to decorate the Christmas tree

Forget the conventional decoration, and bake sugar cookies and gingerbread little men in different sizes. Decorate with colored icing in the colors you prefer, and tie them to the branches of pine tree with golden satin ribbons, on Christmas Eve for both children and adults can take your favorite and enjoy a coffee time.

To give special touches, also placed candy canes and bright pirulines in red and green, and thus give birth to your pine.

Christmas tree delicate

Instead of the traditional tassels, modeling creates butterflies wings decorating the Christmas tree florist wire and tulle or chiffon fabric with threaded bodies in shiny beads. Complements these butterflies with fringes of beads and fake pearls, and some figurines of animals and hearts shaped mass of salt, clay or whatever you prefer, painted in the colors chosen or strokes with white glue and sprinkled with glitter.

Christmas trees with toys

If you have small toys from your childhood, or perhaps your children, use them in decorating the pine. Dolls, cars and trucks, horses and even small figurines and plush fabric can be the decorative details of a pine tree with toys. For a more modern look, choose encastrar plastic blocks, threads clinging to the branches.

Photos and familiar objects to decorate the pine

Ies printed picture of your family and loved ones in a size of about 4x4cm. Put them in frames made of popsicle sticks or other, and hang the Christmas tree decoration as intimate. You can also add family elements that are no longer used: booties, pacifiers, school pencils, keys or whatever you prefer.

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