Landscaping Shrubs

Many bushes which can be used for the purpose of landscaping. You have to make a choice depending on soil and climatic conditions. The purpose for which a particular bush is to be used is more important.
Determine the position of the die (landscaping) plant in the garden taking into account the shadow Arbustos y matorrales light requirement. Landscaping shrubs need a soil that is well drained. You need to add compost to the soil before planting these shrubs. These plants require plenty of water for healthy growth. Let us understand more about shrubs and bushes for landscaping through descriptions are presented below.

Landscaping shrubs and bushes

Shrubs important names used for gardening are presented in the following paragraphs. These plants are commonly used for landscaping purposes.

Arbustos y matorrales Boxwood is one of the common shrubs used for gardening. It is commonly used as a hedge plant. 5-9 hardiness areas as specified by USDA bogies are suitable for growth. The boxwood bushes blooming in the shade but can also grow in full sun. The Buxus sempervirens is a dwarf boxwood commonly used. Boxwood may be pruned into different shapes, such as angular, rounded mounds, etc.

Arbustos y matorrales Long branches of lilac are their hallmark. This plant also produces a pleasant smell. Lilac plant can be used for detection and cultured separately. It grows well in hardiness zones 3 to 7. This plant blooms in spring and global growth is performed well in full sun. The lilac flowers have a pale lavender. However, there are hybrid with colors like red and white varieties.

Arbustos y matorrales This is another commonly used landscaping shrub that can grow in strength zones 3-8. Spirea yanhoultei is the most popular variety, which produces white flowers of color. The plant can reach a height of 6-8 meters. The leaves of this plant are green-blue color during the summer season. In the autumn, the leaves turn yellow. The change in leaf color proves to be useful for gardening purposes. This plant is generally used for entries, which grows well in average soil and moderate watering. Full Sunlight promotes the growth of this plant.

Arbustos y matorrales This shrub garden can be grown all year round and in a variety of areas of resistance. Holly is also very versatile, different types of holly bushes are used as cover, base and screening plants. It grows well in shade and sunlight. You have to plant the male and female holly plants. dioic as it is in nature. The leaves bristled provides Arbustos y matorrales berries produced by plants holly should help feed the birds. Holly is therefore one of the shrubs used for landscaping for privacy.

Arbustos y matorrales The Rhododendron catawbiense is a kind of common usage of this plant. The rhododendron is characterized by its bright and leathery leaves that have a large size. Rhododendron flowers that bloom in the spring Arbustos y matorrales summer season are similar to a trumpet shape.

Arbustos y matorrales This shrub landscape is basically an evergreen conifer. It grows in a variety of weather conditions in a variety of ranges of height Arbustos y matorrales size. The color of the juniper bushes ranging from light green to blue-green. Juniper is used as an independent and plant coverage. This plant is resistant to pests and drought. It is not very difficult to care for plants juniper.

List of landscaping shrubs

Here is a short list of shrubs used for gardening. These shrubs are not included in the above descriptions.

Garden Shrubs

Butterfly Bush

Rosa Rugosa

Forsythia Bush

Dwarf Burning Bush

Red-Tip Photinia


Black chokeberry

Witch Hazel common

Red Chokeberry

Compact Burning Bush


Honeysuckle Red Rum

Red Leaf Japanese Barberry

Variegated Yucca

Winter Honeysuckle

The information covered in this article different shrubs used for landscaping used in gardening are described. With proper care and maintenance, cultivating healthy bushes and shrubs for landscaping possible.

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