Keys to choosing garden furniture

Tips for Choosing Garden Furniture

Trends can tell a lot about what is fashionable to build a park, but we do not always like the designs proposed. If you are thinking of choosing furniture for the garden, first and foremost it is to consider the space you have available. Sure, that is not the same a park of several square meters smaller one or a terrace.

The outdoor furniture should be chosen correctly to achieve comfort, enjoy the atmosphere and in turn, to have durability. Some will require more maintenance than others and it is important that you know in advance. The market offers a wide range of products that perfectly combine functionality and beauty.

Among tips on choosing patio furniture, experts recommend seeking consistency of styles, in relation to housing or the overall design. The idea is that the outside is integrated with the lifestyle of the family.

Also consider the furniture for the garden can suffer a lot with climate change. This is also interesting and worth knowing in advance, ie, before setting it. If the playground or park is humid, choose materials that are permeable, such as stainless steel or aluminum. If you live in a rather dry region, opt for the resin or teak wood. An interesting alternative is the plant material or eco friendly, combining metal, plastic and textiles.

Remember that the diversity of materials and designs is very wide and maybe you a little dizzy when choosing tables, chairs and lounge chairs for the garden. It is vital that you choose those that are resistant to inclement weather, and simultaneously, to suit the space you have available. If you want a minimalist style, feel free Choosing Garden Furniture If you like classic environments, resin, wicker or teak adapt more than Choosing Garden Furniture if you have a small yard, it is best that the chairs and patio tables are folding, and if the only external environment is a balcony or terrace, choose the sets of table and chairs bistro style.

Very few invest in coverage or protection of their furniture and that is a serious error. If you use only on weekends, for example, please cover them with plastic, cloth or canvas to protect them from the rain and sun. If chairs or sofas have cushions that are easy to remove and wash, as well as remove when not in use. Some choose to avoid cuerina remove all times.

Types of furniture

The materials that are made furniture are very different, so you have a variety to choose from. The most used are:

Forging furniture: Worked in form, is classic and vintage cut once, ideal for a romantic touch to the park and if you prefer a charming space.

Wooden garden furniture: They suit all kinds of designs, tastes and styles. They are available in a variety of colors, shapes and species of trees. They will also offer FSC wood, greener.

Plastic garden furniture: They are an excellent choice for those looking for modern or contemporary as they come in various shapes and colors. In turn, they are the cheapest, but the trouble is that not last as long as other materials. To clean with soap and water is sufficient.

Wicker or rattan furniture: Dan a light, fresh, yet elegant touch to the park. They are available in square shapes or curves. The downside is that they are quite expensive. A cheaper alternative is the braided synthetic fiber. In this case, to clean you can put together a preparation with baking soda and hot water, going with a brush.

Iron garden furniture: It is a good idea for the garden furniture is not damaged because of the rain. It is also necessary to give a protective layer of varnish every two to three years.

Steel garden furniture: Chairs and tables for steel garden are light, modern, no rust and best of all, resist the rain and sun, and require no maintenance. The downside is they are a bit expensive.

In short, to choose the furniture we must consider the space available, the overall design of the house and the material that best suits the climatic conditions as well as cleaning and maintenance.

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