Hydrangea Wreath

Parting Thanksgiving this year, the preparations for Christmas has begun in full swing. Perhaps you and your family have decided to take a family vacation or just have plans on getting the whole family to a Christmas dinner. Well, what their plans are, it is never complete with the warm touch of Christmas decorations.
In addition to the Christmas tree, Christmas ornaments, lights, Santa, and stockings, no one more than you need to do to complete your Christmas decorations thing – a wreath. In our article today, we will see how to make hydrangea wreaths on front doors. We have the list of materials needed and instructions along it. So read the whole article, take your own time, and enter the party.

Corona made dry hydrangeas

Every time I see a beautiful Christmas wreath on door of someone (or on the mantelpiece), approaches me the holiday mood. The cold and excitement everywhere, which only has a different feel to it. And this year, you can make dried wreaths at home instead of buying them in stores.

Materials needed

A wreath base

Assortment of hydrangeas


Berry clusters (choice of colors)

Green leaves and branches

Floral wire

Glue Gun


Step 1 – Before you begin decorating the crown, must decide whether to use already dried hydrangeas or acquire new and dry at home. If you are getting a good deal on the dried hydrangeas, then go ahead and buy, take the trouble of drying them yourself.

Step 2 – But if you want to get fresh hydrangeas and dry on their own, then there are some things to consider. Hydrangeas select different colors because it will make it much more attractive crown. Furthermore, when dry, they hang them upside down in a dark room or keep upright in a vase.

Step 3 – Anyone can buy a ready-made wreath base or you can make one using a coat hanger wire. All you have to do is manipulate the way a circle (the shape of the crown) and use it well. Just make sure that the circle is flat, has a loop at the top, and can easily be hung once the crown is completed.

Step 4 – Bring the dried hydrangeas in her workstation and cut the stems with scissors, leaving 2-3 inches of stem at the bottom.

Step 5 – Take the first dried flowers and floral wire and wrap it around the wreath. The dried flower arrangement depend on your choice, how you want the crown to look like. Use different colors of dried hydrangeas and organize them to complement each other. Groups berries, pine cones, twigs, and green along the way are also included.

Step 6 – Using fungi mushroom poultry birds, fake fruit, ornament balls and other dried flowers is also a large wreath decoration idea. Use the glue to attach the decorative elements in his crown. Once everything is settled, you can hang the tie on the door. And that would be it. His crown is ready.

These were the instructions on how to make a decorative wreath at home. The hydrangea flower arrangements can be changed, as mentioned above, as per your choice. After all, it’s all about being creative and including your imagination for crowns. Moreover, it is a quick and easy way to save some money but still get the job done.

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