Moisture condensation

The presence of water and humidity in homes and communities of owners have various causes and forms of manifestation, some of which, filtered moisture and capillary moisture, as we have seen in previous articles on this blog.

It is now talk of moisture condensation, very common inside houses especially in the winter period and manifested primarily in windows and walls with high heat transfer coefficient. Its most immediate consequence is the emergence of fungi that span the entire wall of the house, which logically leads to a deterioration of living conditions and hygiene of housing.

The humidity is usually the source of moisture condensation in homes. When the humidity exceeds 65 (as with conventional hygrometer) is easy to get condensation on contact with cold materials (lacking waterproofing walls, windows, glass. . The humidity change its liquid and gaseous state is when the effects of moisture condensation observed: water dripping through the windows, walls and armariosect moisture.

These humidity normally occur with greater intensity in areas where the relative humidity is high (kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms), poorly ventilated rooms and thermal bridges of the facades. They are difficult to combat but if there are a number of small tips that homeowners can take to prevent moisture condensation:

Reduce as far as possible the emission of water vapor.

Keep doors closed wetter rooms (kitchens and bathrooms).

Ventilate rooms 10 minutes daily.

Do not lay wet clothes in the rooms.

Avoid butane gas stoves.

Avoid metal doors and windows. Take advantage of windows renewal plans to replace them with PVC.
But if you really want to avoid the occurrence of moisture condensation in the home should be performed rehabilitation of the facade of the community to prevent the existence of thermal bridges. A good intervention on the facade of the homeowners in which the thermal insulation of the facade is better eliminate cold spots in the walls (thermal bridges) generating moisture condensation and help to every household in the community to get rid of them.

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