How to make a hanger Bags

Guide to make a hanger Bags

In order to maintain the portfolios can be a challenge, so today we tell you how to make a hanger bags and very original, simple, fast and virtually no cost coats. If you think that’s impossible to do, just keep reading to gather your materials enjoy this work done at home.

Elements needed to make the hanger

You need few materials that you can adapt according to what you have.
The only essential is to have a drill or punch, and a suitable drill bit to drill the ceiling, plaster or wood, depending on where you are placing this practical hanger bags. You also need a hook with thread (closed Python or you have in each), a block of amurar if necessary, and other elements.

This is when we give versatility to the project. On the one hand you need the dogas that hang from the ceiling, grasped at one end of the tack hook to the ceiling, and at the other end with fasteners. You can use thick satin ribbons, ropes sailor type, decorative chains, ropes laminated as you use on the line what you have at home.

Finally, you get the clips from which will hang your bags. Again, you can use what you already have at home, left over from a previous project or original features such as hooks industrial, hardware, carabiners colors, type or also grab common to the end of each rope hangers for coats and bags in the same project.

Steps to make the hanger bags and coats

Marks the spot where you will place the piece, measure and cut your items.
Create places the drilling and well fixed to the ceiling hook.
Hence, the number of ropes hanging you want, one for each wallet, purse or coat hanger for coats: quantity is the one you choose. Measure the length of each rope, ensuring that the item is at a certain height so that the wraps are off the floor to be hanged, and that is not too high as to hinder placement.
Place fasteners hooks to the end of each rope. A convenient way to accomplish this is to carabiners element, you’ll find the market at very good price and also in countless colors, giving more charm to your project. These carabiners also allow you to attach hangers directly, without knots thick.
Located both elements to give more versatility to your project and, finally, take all your bags, purses, backpacks, bags and coats for daily use, and put them each at the end of each rope.

Details to give elegance to your hanger

Remember that you can fully customize this hanger bags using tape, hooks colors, decorations, beads and what you prefer. Determines the amount from how many bags you have, and even remember you can place two carabiners for each rope, both at the end or at different heights, according to your own taste and what is most practical for everyday use.

Now you know how to make a hanger bags and coats in all practicality, in minutes and almost no expense, you said it was possible!

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