How to improve the garden during autumn

Preparing the garden for fall

Falling leaves, the air gets colder, late mornings and the scent of chrysanthemums in the air define a unique garden Autumn has come to town. Your garden will begin to lose that vitality and greenery, but you can keep renewing species impeccable image and preparing for the most poetic season.

To start the season, prepare the garden mowing the lawn for the last time, leaving debris on the ground to allow greater concentration of moisture in the soil, in order to combat early frosts.
Collect fallen leaves and crushing them if you prefer, to strengthen the floor while Cumulus or prevent breathing.

Ground cover plants that are sensitive to cold, placing styrofoam padding or heavy sawdust at the base, then a plastic cup around and leaves. Remember open for ventilation in the warmer hours of the day. Cold-sensitive potted plants that are able to be moved into home in the most ventilated place and something warm, like laundry or winter playground.

Renew garden plants in autumn

The garden should have flowers throughout the year to bring joy and enhance home energy. At the beginning of the season, be sure to sow and plant species that support the cold weather and require less abundant watering. Then we see the most suitable varieties for fall:

Chrysanthemums are the queens of the season. They have flowers that resemble daisies in shape, but in a wider variety of sizes and colors. They are simple to grow, require direct sun and moderate watering, regular plus fertilizer to keep them constantly sprouting.

Daisies are another good choice for fall. Its abundant plants manage to complete the space left empty heat plants. They require regular watering to moderate, and support perfectly cool weather again open their flowers.

The Aster (Star of the Pyrenees) are perennial, and better flowering occurs in autumn. Require direct sunlight and constant irrigation, making it ideal for improving the look of the garden in autumn.

The begonias are also very suitable for this season, although separate beds because it is bulky shrubs, resisting frost exemplary manner.

The crocus, with its small size, is ideal to complement the gaps in the garden. Resist well the cold and bring color drops environment. Require direct sun and moderate water, as usual.

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