How to decorate the romantic style

Romantic style decor

If we imagine the romantic style in a warm, opulent and very personal touches. And that’s what defines this atmosphere often branded as surface: the taste for beauty, for comfort and appreciation of the luxuries of our very existence.

Meet the basic details of this tendency to apply in your living or work around your home.

Features romantic decor

The engine driving the romantic atmosphere is the joy, the positive energy in the intimate life, and appreciation for aesthetics and beauty. The subtlety and pastel shades, especially corn and pale pink shades are the basis of this decoration, which moves away from the vibrancy of artificial colors and pure white, looking as cheerful and serene.

This pacifier canvas there is an abundance of inspiring details that evoke the great moments of life, to earlier times and also today. The romantic style is constantly renewed by adding and replacing decorative touches as you go through changes of life and creating pleasant moments with family or friends, changing IAS photography, the new purchased or received as gift items and even furniture and soft cushions always present.

Genres and textures romantic decoration

Get away from the cold and artificial elements. Instead, choose gender and natural elements such as wood, simple tissues (including industrialized, but aesthetic and elegant finishes), floor to ceiling curtains in two layers, sheets and tablecloths with floral prints and pastel colors. The ideal natural wood surfaces intermingle with modeling plaster and painted ceramic and porcelain floors elegant.

Romantic style furniture can be confused with elements of wealth, when in truth seeking enjoyment. The most decorated are better: carved details of trimmings and others are integrated into chairs, couches and sofas where you can be carried away by the story of romance novels, always lucid in a coffee table or side table with stone top Natural or beveled glass.

Walls and objects to decorate the romantic style

The walls are the canvas of the artist in these homes. In a room with corn-colored walls, do not be afraid to add a detail mural paper with gold and deep red accents, blue and orange or opaque if that reflects your own inspiration. Patterns of flowers and natural forms in these shades are the perfect accent for the role of wall, plus subsequent securities, Decorating for the season paintings, even the interior shelves and drawers. Make sure you always have red and pink flowers in the rooms, ideal for enhancing the calming and romantic at the same time feeling this style.

Sconces romantic decoration should be simple, no modern forms, but overshadowed brass accents and crystal casting dim lights and can be supplemented by the central lighting. The latter should always be warm, and come from a single crystal chandelier and pearl fringes.

The modular chandeliers and table support, like the bowls with candles light colors are the perfect touch in an intimate romantic evening in your home. By day delicious detail it will evoke the romance and serenity.

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