How to decorate the French style

French-style decor

Sophisticated, something opulent, and inspired by the beautiful and natural, the French style is a favorite decoration trends. And there are two colors that should not be missed in this setting: golden yellow and dark blue, cobalt tone. Then they incorporate natural details: the blue of the sky, the cream of pastures, green forests, and earth and fire colors including red, deep orange, brown and ocher.

The recommendation here is wide but short: avoid electrical, and no artificial colors present in nature, like modern and bright materials such as plastics and acrylics.

However, in the French decorative style it is given priority to lacquered wood and painted in light colors, with elegant touches and fine porcelains and stones on all surfaces. On the floor, the wooden parquet exclusive designs is essential, awarded sectoral carpets in public areas, always in lighter shades. Materials and genres should not be artificial and synthetic, but natural as silk and linen, with details of trimmings, festoons and tassels gallons.

French style furniture

As we saw, the French furniture is simple but elegant, usually with a somewhat upright deployment and elegant details. The beveled glass is distinctive of the windows, showing happy few but striking ancient and classical forms items or antiques.

On the sofa, simple and rustic motifs upholstery, or simple geometric patterns, combined with few very soft cushions, and the dining table, always free of elements or decorated with a crystal vase with flowers. All this is complemented with chairs and natural light covers, preferably painted French landscapes.

Inevitable elements of French decoration

Beauty and taste for nature are always present in the French atmosphere. Therefore, crystals and large wall mirrors help refract natural light in all directions. Besides simple with few fringes spiders in glass and floor lamps with simple pastel colored fabrics screens, they will be combined with gilded chandeliers, like cutlery and utensils in sight in the kitchen.

On the walls, the art of landscapes of the French countryside combined with photos, always sober style sepia tones in portrait, as the decorar interiores paintings of those times. They all settle freely on walls decorar interiores (decorar interiores) or of wallpaper on simple geometric forms, sinuous lines or romantic styles.

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