How to decorate the Chippendale style

Origin of Chippendale

The Chippendale style takes inspiration in the gothic and rococo or French, Chinese movements interspersed with English trends of its creator. The distinction and elegance are the motivation for this setting, which seeks transcendence and enjoyment of spaces.

The main parts of each room are unquestionably the furniture, because its creator was a famous inventor parts, in addition to modeling and executing the same.
With cabriole style legs (two curves, the top and bottom out in), trimmed brocades, velvets and damasks, and made in solid wood and elegant cherry or mahogany furniture is the heart of this style, around which the rest of the atmosphere rises.

Genres and textures Chippendale

Complementing the dark wood furniture, upholstery genres are repeated on cushions, curtains spacious double cloth, and also standing lamps screens. Shapes, curved always possess exquisite carved endings, embossed or carved, either on gold medals or timber.

Natural fibers and wickerwork largely part of the Chippendale style decor, from the backs of reading chairs and couches outside, canopies and backs up beds, including the front decoration botineros drawers, modular and guard elements.

Regarding the interspersed colors and textures, sobriety lacquered wood is not necessary, like the gold leaf on all surfaces. Marquetry is a twist tops of tables, Secretary and trunks required for the setting in this style. Always will be one or more tables folding wings, introduced by this movement and today present in the common rooms and bedrooms.

Chippendale decorative objects

In setting Chippendale no shortage of large old-style mirrors and paintings signed with frames of not less than 12 centimeters wide at its wings, always carved with intricate carvings and rounded, dark toned wood or gold leaf . Red, corn and ocher in the walls allow these pieces to shine with splendor.

The lighting combines small but showy desk lamps in virtually every surface, and spiders pipes with 8 or more small lights, like a candle. Light, always warm and yellow tones, exquisitely reflected in the windows and glazed furniture, which show figurines and decorative pieces of porcelain, bronze and wood.

Parquet floors prefer dark wood, in elaborate Tell them, polished stones and elegant style. Big fluffy carpets complement the environment, identifying areas of common use, especially in large rooms that combine the living room with the dining room or rooms are reading chairs or breakfast places for two, traditional romantic style of Chippendale.

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