Cut flower preservative

We all know that flowers in vases kept enhance the visual appeal of the vast room, illuminating the entire area. That’s why many people love to keep different types of fragrant flowers and fragrant-no in their homes, so that aesthetic value is greater. When buying flowers for your home, you do not bring all the plant and keep it on the table or in the refrigerator! Usually bring cut flowers that are cut at a certain height so they only have to keep in a decorative vase, or used for floral arrangements.

However, keep the flowers in tap water is not good for them because they still have a stem and leaves attached to them to supply the necessary power. No cut flowers can live for more than two weeks, but there are some home remedies that can be used for storage for a period slightly longer. These easy and convenient preservatives listed in the following article just for you, take a look.

Fresh Cut flower preservative

Often it is the case, you receive a bouquet of beautiful flowers and really want to stay fresh and healthy for a few extra days. This can be done very effectively by using preservatives that are usually available with some florists. However, not many florists sell these flowers packaged preservatives, so it can surely make at home. This cut flower food is helpful for cut flowers as they keep the ends of the stems of cut flowers wet, providing the necessary nutrients and extend the life of these flowers. Therefore, if you want to know how easy it is to prepare the homemade flower preservative, reading and find out, as we have briefly mentioned below recipe for it.

Preservative Recipe

The first thing to remember before learning how to make this flower preservative, is that these flowers are separated from their natural source of water, which is the root system. When kept indoors, they are also deprived of sunlight that helps its leaves and stems to prepare their food. Therefore, there are very high chances of these flowers wither and die within a few days. However, a number of florists use commercially available preservatives to prevent death overtime. You can also read about how to keep fresh roses with these preservatives.

But they could only hurt them, leaving them with yellow leaves and petals shedding. All these situations makes them weak and less nutrition, and dried if not supplied with the necessary nutrition and water supply. Therefore, you must ensure that these flowers have to be submerged in water immediately after being separated from the main trunk. You can do this as soon as it is removed from the respective plants flower. Here is a recipe that will keep your nourished and healthy flowers, even when they are at home and deprived of all their requirements. Check out.

Recipe flowers flowers Ingredients

flowers teaspoon of household chlorine bleach

2 tablespoons fresh lemon juice

1 tablespoon sugar

1 quart of warm water

Recipe flowers flowers Ingredients

2 tablespoons white vinegar

2 tablespoons sugar

flowers teaspoon of household chlorine bleach

1 quart of warm water


Take an empty vase and add hot water to it. Use warm water for a simple reason that softens the stems of the flowers and food flower helps achieve faster and better flowers. Then add the remaining ingredients, especially sugar, referred to the two individual recipes with hot water and stirred well, so that dissolve. Now, dip the flowers in the vase so that the stems are diagonal, as it helps in faster transport of food.

With these simple steps to prepare this preservative, may well save their cut of death and kept safe and healthy for a longer period of time flowers. So go ahead and help the beautiful fragrant flowers bloom in your home!

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