Chrysanthemum Flower

Chrysanthemum is the second most popular flower in the floral industry next to pink. For gardening enthusiasts, chrysanthemum is a beauty of autumn, while for health conscious people and herbalist, is a therapeutically important flower, popularly used in the manufacture of herbal tea. Medicinal Uses of chrysanthemum tea include treating acne, sore throat, fever, flu and circulatory problems.
Compared with the old cultivars, new hybrids developed chrysanthemum are more vibrant and attractive. Let’s try to see basic information about chrysanthemums.

Information on chrysanthemum flower

A birth flower of those born November chrysanthemums are commonly known as mums or mums. They are relegated as 13 flowers wedding anniversary. As regards origin, chrysanthemums are native to Asia and Europe (regions of Eurasia), which are grown as herbaceous perennials in flower gardens. During the fall, almost no other flowers that match the aesthetic value of the chrysanthemum flower bed in home gardens.


According to the botanical taxonomy, chrysanthemum is classified in the family Asteraceae Asterales order. Like other members of Asteraceae, chrysanthemum flower is born in the head of a bone (or head flower) with inflorescence petal like disk florets in the center and small ray florets on the perimeter. Scientifically, it is represented as Chrysanthemum indicum L.


Under the Chrysanthemum genus, there are about 30 different species, ranging in size, shape and color. Based on the provision of florets, chrysanthemums are classified into 13 ways to bloom. The most common forms are daisy like, buttons and pompoms. Besides the traditional variety of yellow chrysanthemums can find white, gold, orange, pink, red, purple and violet flowers.


The general meaning of chrysanthemum revolves around the expression of joy, love, optimism and long life. For example, a white chrysanthemum denotes the real love and truth, a yellow chrysanthemum conveys slighted love and a red chrysanthemum simply express love. However, one can find various chrysanthemum flower meanings in different places.


Talking about traditional chrysanthemum flower symbolism, means optimism and cheerful in the US and it is a flower of death in Europe and its use at funerals. In Asian cultures, chrysanthemum flower is a noble and supports for life. According to mythological beliefs, placing a chrysanthemum underneath a glass of wine will give you a healthy and long life.

Cultivation and Care

Chrysanthemum cultivation and maintenance require minimal effort. You can sow seeds directly in the ground or use seedlings for propagation. They bloom at its peak during the autumn months, when most other plants lose their leaves. This irregular period chrysanthemum flower makes it a necessity to have a flourishing landscape design plant. So, chrysanthemums growth can still enjoy a lush garden with large showy flowers in autumn.


Bouquets of chrysanthemums are long lasting and elegant. As for the flower arrangement of chrysanthemums, you can do so through mothers only (one type and color of bi-) or mixed with rose, gerbera and fillers. Also incorporate seasonal foliage in the arrangement of creating a green background. If you are making a centerpiece, select a bowl that complements the colors of the flowers you have chosen.

An exclusive exhibition of chrysanthemum flowers held every year in Japan, during the Festival of Happiness. In addition, chrysanthemums accompanied with other design patterns are popular in Japanese tattoos. In case, you are November born and has a passion for the arts body, flaunt the elegance of this unique tattoos chrysanthemum flower!

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