Advice for American kitchens

There are two main reasons for that is created in a home a kitchenette. The first and least common is a cosmetic issue, since this type of open kitchens give a very modern touch to the home and are able to create a very interesting open space.

However it is normal recourse to a kitchenette in homes with space problems, because with them space, light is gained and makes both the kitchen and the living room or dining room are larger.
Removing the walls of this space, both areas won out.

In addition to gain space and modern touch that they give, the kitchenettes also get the house harmonize and strengthen ties between family members, because with them the person in the kitchen does not feel isolated from others, making tasks like cooking something more entertaining.

These are the main advantages offered by the American kitchens. Downsides? Some have also, of course. The main ones are the dissemination of smells to the rest of the house, the noise of household and cleaning the kitchen and the house in general.

Let’s start with the smells, perhaps the most annoying of the three subject. In the absence of walls in the kitchen they reach most parts of the house and can be a real hassle. This problem can be mitigated almost completely by having a powerful and effective exhaust fumes.

Besides having a powerful extractor, you must make sure that their filters are very clean, but their work will not be fully effective. In addition to increasing the effectiveness, ideally you turn the extractor 5 or 10 minutes before cooking. So be 100 optimal performance.

There are other more home remedies to give a good smell of the house as boiling orange peels or other citrus to acclimate the kitchen. You can accompany with cinnamon to give a different touch.

The second major problem is the noise own kitchen, that slip into everyday classroom life. The fridge, extractor, dishwasher, etc. All these appliances emit noises that can be annoying when you stand watching TV or having a conversation.

The solution is available as quiet as possible appliances. Those with the AAA category not only meet this requirement, but also help you save energy and take more care environment.

They are a bit more expensive, yes, but eventually come out winning with them. In light and noise, the gains are remarkable.

The last problem is cleaning it. The kitchen is a space in which we have many elements and that if not properly placed, can be visually detrimental to the kitchen of the house. But being all well optimized, the effect is totally adverse, that is great.

It is important to opt for accessories that go in line with the decor, guard well the things that we do not use and quite match, etc.

Own kitchen grease is another issue to consider. With a good extractor it is considerably reduced, but still normal to disperse from areas near the cooking area.

Cleans very regular and effective products. A small home remedy is to use baking soda dissolved in water to clean kitchen surfaces. In addition to cleaning you will be eliminating odors. Vinegar is another alternative that performs the same function.

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