Why Insanity Prevention is essential, especially for people Depressed

If you are depressed you need a solution. You can not continue living forever depressed, without trying to escape the terrible feeling that makes your heart heavy way.

If you desperately need a solution to their terrible problem, you are the ideal solution for combating victim consciousness, the wild side of your conscience, which is an evil and violent beast who wants to destroy the human side of your conscience in order to have control their behavior.
This is your worst enemy, if you ignore their existence.

This is his alter ego, or alter ego – its savage, primitive, that do not go through the process of realization that his human side goes through.

The anti-conscience is a shark, a lion, a violent beast. However, you can think and can talk, in his mind, in his own voice, because it is part of you, but can give you many ideas that you feel as if it were his own ideas . . . You do not know these Ideas come from his dangerous wild side. You believe that they are part of the ideas that come from your conscious mind.

So, you listen suggesting the monster, and you fall into their trap, without understanding what is happening to you.

If you are too depressed, not criticize the solutions you find, you do not examine the promises of relief and happiness that come your way, trying to see if it can be real. You’re hopeless!

In desperation, you accept the most absurd suggestions as if you can bring the precious salvation that can not be found anywhere.

You are lost . . .

This is the perfect opportunity for the anti-conscience! You are weak, tired and despairing, so offers no resistance against its absurdity.

It goes first to tell things and make logical follow their ideas as good for you.

Remember that anti-conscience is a savage murderer can think . . .

If you have ever observed the behavior of wild animals and how they manage to catch their prey, you have probably noticed that some animals are very smart, although he can not think rationally, like a human being. Prepare traps for your enemies are many and they usually manage to escape successfully.

Exactly the same applies to the anti-conscience and underdeveloped human conscience, which is too weak against the monster.

The anti-conscience is a very intelligent monster you can think of. Basically it is stupid because it is evil, but is very intelligent and able to find simple solutions to problems, thus able to manipulate his human ignorance.

If you do not struggle against their domination in the worst moments of despair, you can start doing silly things and thus, the human side of your conscience is completely destroyed.

An example of the absurdity caused by the invasion of the anti-conscience in the human side of the person consciousness due to depression is the tendency of self-abuse, which immediately becomes his neurosis depression.

This is why we urgently need prevention crazy!

If you let the anti-conscience dominates you, your depression will become a neurosis safely.

If you do not treat your neurosis, while you can still save the human side of your conscience, neurosis can become hysteria, paranoia, psychosis, schizophrenia, etc.

If I come to this point, your healing will be a miracle.

Do not let your worst enemy destroy your personality and your life! Prevent dementia, while I was just depressed, because neurosis is too narrow for you and is a serious mental illness, although it can be easily cured through dream interpretation.

Do not let things get to this point, however. Be careful!

Neurosis is torture rather than depression.

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