What stirred Depression?

One way of clinical depression and generally shows symptoms of irritability and restlessness. Hypomanic behaviors cause depressive episodes in this type of depression. Agitation is always present in all types of depression, but this type is particularly severe and more hectic which is why the so-called agitated depression.
Like other types of depression it also has many symptoms, the onset of symptoms depend on the patient. It is one of the most serious depressive disorders among all other types of depression. In general, middle-aged or elderly become victims, but this does not mean that adults or children suffer from it.

It is difficult to identify the symptoms, a person suffering from this type of depression is not able to sit still and moving restlessly mcontraene here and there all the time, occurs due to the explosion of emotional energy. Those who suffer from this type of depression tend to complain a lot and develop a feeling of getting misunderstood by others. Symptoms include:

1. Tearing fabric
2. Motor agitation
3. The intense internal tension
4. Racing thoughts
5. He never finished the thought foundation
6. Keep talking
7. Verbal outburst
8. Hands wringing

It is often noticed that the patient tends to rush his anger in his fabrics of tearing cloth. Motor agitation is a condition in which a patient is unable to stick to one place and constantly moving from one place to another. The intense internal tension or also known as psychic or mental agitation agitation is a state of mental anguish in which patients suffering from anxiety or continually found tired for no reason. It is also known as mixed mania and is presented as a hyper-active disorder, as it shows the symptoms of Hyperactive disorders such as difficulty staying in one place or continues to talk problems, etc. According to the DSM-III-R, agitated depression is categorized as major depressive episodes and not surprisingly, falls into the category of mixed bipolar disorder that resembles more closely.

It is very common these days also believed to have the symptoms of bipolar disorder I. Agitated depression with bipolar I disorder can cause major complications in the overall health of a patient. However, it has not been shown to have any relationship with bipolar disorder. If you think you have symptoms, do not feel embarrassed, just consult a psychiatrist and seek proper treatment.

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