What Really Causes Trend Self-Abuse?

My friend had Xxx who told me that she used to cut her body (which has stopped doing so now) because I wanted to feel that she was alive, finally, he sent me more about your life and therefore was able to discover the mystery behind the strange dream she and her behavior.

Nothing seemed strange to her. She seemed pretty good and everything in your life seems to be quite common.

Why was she so depressed? Why cut off your body? This means that her depression had already become a neurosis.

Your dreams are nightmares to most of the people killed. You will see its history in the new book I am writing with many examples of dreams, biographies and translations. We are still examining his life, at the beginning of psychotherapy.

This eBook is invaluable, just because it is made of real examples of dreams of many people around the world to send me their dreams and short biographies via the Internet, this fantastic system that gives us the ability to send messages as Easily!

And all agree to let me publish his dreams with some details of their biographies, without revealing his true identity or personal data too. This is remarkable, because this way you can see in practice how the scientific method of dream interpretation really translates exactly the dream of messages, and you will see that the dream of messages among themselves, which They fit with the previous and following dreams and the dreamer’s life.

You will also see how everyone is cured thanks to the knowledge and guidance they receive from the wise unconscious mind in your dreams.

Do not mention it, if you want to send me their dreams and short biography.

Xxx does not tell me much about her life and she did not send me messages regularly, so I have to wait until he sees a dream that remind you of my existence and our psychotherapy . . .

What I say is that I discovered that the main problem is the indifference of his parents because he worked too much and do not care about her, and her loneliness was her choking.

Indifference is cruel. When parents are indifferent to your existence, you feel that your life is not necessary: you have no meaning for the most important people in your life.

If your parents do nothing to you and you feel that your absence will not notice if I disappeared, then things really tragic for you . . .

But you’re a human being. It may be higher and sad understand how his father’s life and forgive his callous indifference.

You can be different and give life and wisdom by example. You can give life and wisdom to everyone by example, whether to be a hero and save mankind from the madness and despair due to its sensitivity and understanding.

However, things are not easy at all . . . How can it be that hero?

Write down your dreams every day and the unconscious mind will teach you how.

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