What Are Negative Ions and How They Work?

Negative ions are nature’s most powerful air cleaning agents. There is nothing more effective in taking allergens and pollutants from the air we breathe world. Unfortunately, due to the tight construction of today’s homes and buildings are not capable of having effect within indoor environments.

Negative ions are created by the sun and move through the water, and find the most optimal levels where the air is pure and healthy. These places usually include the top of the mountains, near waterfalls, where lightning has just occurred in open grasslands outside the city, and the ocean on the coast clear waves.

How do negative ions work?

In summary, there are positive and negative charges in the air. Integration of positively charged ions of positive ions. Therefore, the integration of the negative charge-shaped negative ions. Most floating pollutants and allergens are positively charged. Therefore, too many positive ions will leave you feeling depressed, lethargic, headaches and more. Discharge of a high voltage electrode exerted pin is capable of producing negative ions bulky. And these negative ions are able to attach to toxins suspended in the air and remove air pollutant.

In particular, negatively charged negative ion contaminants and allergens, which are positively charged binding. The newly formed larger particles are able to hit the ground and out of the air we breathe. Most floating pollutants and allergens are positively charged and, of course, negative ions are negatively charged. In environments where a high density of negative ions exist that are capable of reversing the burden of floating pollutants a negative charge. This results in a magnetic attraction between floating in the air pollutants, which aggregate or cluster. As a result, they become too heavy to remain floating in the air, the damage and fall to the ground where they can not find their way into your respiratory tract. At this point, even if inhaled before falling off the air, now these larger particles are able to be intercepted by the filter of the upper airways due to their larger size. Of course, without a continued negative ion generation, some of these extended contaminants can find their way back into the air.

The solution

Air purification systems are becoming more readily available and are designed for continuous use, ensuring contaminants stay out of the air you breathe. Some studies suggest that negative ions also have a biological effect on bacteria and viruses, killing them on contact in many cases.

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