Top 5 Facts on Acne

Acne treatment is a very popular topic among teenagers and adults who suffer from this skin disease, from one person to another view of what is the correct treatment seems to vary considerably. With so many opinions of discussion going around especially on the web, it is necessary to provide some of the facts when it comes to the formation of acne and treatment, let’s look at some of them.

– Acne

It is a term used to define the pores that have been blocked by sebum which has mixed with the bacteria and prevented the skin from breathing and acquiring oxygen as it normally should.
There are many types of acne and they all seem to be different, some of them are: comedones (also known as blackheads or whiteheads), pustules (small inflammation of the skin caused by the formation of pus), nodules (these are solid and very painful injuries, which may extend deep into the skin and is known to get visible scars), papules (this is a small elevation of the skin caused by the reaction with acne, they do not contain pus), etc.

– Dirt

It is a common myth that dirt is the main cause of acne, the fact is that dirt does not trigger acne however, do contribute to worsen the problem if there is one. As we use our longs to breathe, our skin also breathes through the pores and if they are blocked by either cosmetics or dirt will have skin problems.

– Diet

A person’s diet can contribute or eliminate skin conditions like acne, milk and milk products contained hormones which can create an imbalance in our body and trigger acne flare-ups, a diet based on a moderate intake of carbohydrates carbon, and small portions of glycemic foods can help contain acne. Similarly, a diet that is high in protein can help reduce problems associated with acne up to 50 in the long run. Always check with your dermatologist before you change your diet in order to control your acne problem.

In addition, chocolate is said not to be a major cause of acne according to the American Medical Association.

– Causes of Acne

There are several causes for acne, can be related to hormone imbalances during adolescence and adulthood, high GI foods as already said, bad cosmetics, steroids, stress, background genetic, and abnormal accumulation of dead skin cells, certain types of drugs, etc.

– Acne Treatment

The obsessive behavior of continuously breaking whiteheads does not help when it comes to eliminate acne, however, helps to raise the issue.

When exposed to sunlight for a long period of time you can make acne worse. Products that contain benzoyl peroxide are very effective to help contain acne flare-ups. Daily skin cleansing and exfoliation are the most basic and effective way to prevent acne and best of all costs are relatively low.

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