The Wonders Of Green Tea May Help With Acne Care

Green tea is the most consumed beverage in the world, second only to water. The hobby green tea exceeds taste, as this beverage-derived from the white plant Camellia Sinensis-is continually flower showing its health and welfare benefits.

A native of Asia, green tea is rich in antioxidants.
Antioxidants are known for their ability to help fight diseases and maintain healthy cell structure. Antioxidant research has shown that antioxidants help to prevent cancer, reduce the risk of stroke and heart disease, and may even lower blood cholesterol levels.

Researchers are now linking the antioxidants in green tea to prevent acne.

It has been long known that placing a warm tea bag in a spot acne or similar growth will help remove toxins from the injury, promote faster healing times.

Current research has shown that green tea extracts fight bacteria, reduce redness and inflammation, and may deter hormonal activity. All three of these symptoms are present in acne blemishes.

According to the findings reported to the American Academy of Dermatology by dermatologist Dr. Gan-Wong, when compounded into a cream containing 3, green tea extract, acne treatment results were comparable to the use of a topical solution 4 contains benzoyl peroxide, a common treatment for acne.

Dr Gan-Wong’s findings were based on an independent study of just over 100 acne suffers. The test subjects were randomly divided into two groups, with one group receiving the green tea treatment and the other receiving a benzoyl peroxide treatment. Neither group was aware that their treatment or dermatologist who documented their progress.

After a twelve week period, a significant improvement in reducing acne and redness observed in patients using the green tea extract. The results were comparable to the results of benzoyl peroxide users.

Moreover, the dermatologist noted improvements in skin tone in the test subjects cream extract of green tea, and green tea were using a smaller number of users reported cases of dry skin and allergic responses.

Therefore, green tea extract has shown cream provide the same benefits in the treatment of acne as benzoyl peroxide, with fewer side effects.

Benzoyl peroxide is a crystalline powder which is used in tires and plastic production and cosmetics. Benzoyl peroxide can irritate the eyes, skin and respiratory tract, and OSHA is on the list of hazardous substances as a precaution against prolonged exposure.

It makes use of green tea extract as an attractive treatment of acne is that green tea is all natural.

In addition, the global community welcomed a study on something that has been recommended by holistic healing practioneers for years is given. It is likely that green tea has many medicinal properties still to be verified by Western science. This seems likely, given the huge ccontradad of anecdotal evidence about the healing properties of green tea.

Therefore, on a global level, there is now a scientifically supported treatment for acne available to those who want to avoid the harmful side effects of various chemical treatments acne.

With this in mind, those who want to treat your acne, but hate the redness and irritation caused by the use of benzoyl peroxide and other chemical substances in the skin, there is now a scientist, all natural treatment. Green Tea!

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