The Truth About Sensitive Skin

How is it possible that almost half of the population seems to have sensitive skin? Have that problem so do the members of my family and many friends. A far cry from the time when women were to wash your face with soap and water without suffering from frequent breakouts or rashes or acne breakouts.

The world today is more polluted than it was decades ago.
With globalization, jobs are not as stable and everyone is more stressed. It could be causing all skin sensitivity?

What exactly is sensitive skin?

Sensitive skin is defined as thin, delicate, often dry skin. Allergic reactions are easily obtained and often erupts into hives.

Does your skin reacts to products skin care that can not be disturbed?

What luxury anti-aging cream that smells divine sting your skin?

Cuidado De La Piel skin care make it out to rashes, even if it is supposed to be for your skin type?

You can have dry skin and use a moisturizer for dry skin face, only to end up with painful or itchy skin. So what is causing this?

Fragrances and colors are common additives in cosmetics.

Scented lotions are pamper their senses or to mask drug or less pleasant smells. The colors the skin care is added to see the most attractive products.

Fillers can be added to lotions to thicker so they feel more luxurious.

Preservatives are added to inhibit bacteria and mold growth so that products can be stored on shelves for months without going bad.

Unfortunately, fragrances, colors, preservatives and other additives is likely to irritate sensitive skin. If wetting or care products cause adverse skin reactions in the skin to avoid the use of specific products and go back to the skin care products that have been tested for allergic reactions.

See a doctor if any allergic to medication in the first place and put everything that is used together with you to show the doctor so he or she can better analyze their reaction condition.

Stick to care products sensitive skin if your skin is sensitive.

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