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Hypertension is common among Americans and is the blueprint for the leading cause of death in America, heart failure. Just for this reason, it is important to identify the reasons for high blood pressure. Many people live with the condition for years to ignore risk and may have already developed the disease.
In short, the treatment of hypertension is extremely critical. Inadequate treatment equals life-threatening results.

There are several reasons why hypertension attacks about 50 million Americans every day. Since only one third of them actually take control of it, people should understand the risks to the development of the condition and change the way they live. One of the reasons that Americans suffer from high blood pressure is that it is hereditary.

Most evidence suggests that 30 to 60 percent of all cases of high blood pressure is related to the family inheritance. If members of the family, as parents, siblings or grandparents suffer with the disease, then your chances of development is high. Ironically, having a brother or sister with coronary artery disease increases the risk rather than a parent with high blood pressure.

The legacy of hypertension is basically built on genetics. Moreover, medical experts suggest that families often share the same habits of Hipertensión eating, exercise and body weight, thus increasing blood pressure high intensity relic.

Another factor that is significant in terms of high blood pressure is the racial element. In most countries, the racial factor plays an important role in the risk of developing hypertension. Within the United States, statistics show that Caucasians’ risk of developing high blood pressure is around 25 percent.

Native Americans risk for hypertension is slightly higher and the Hispanic population is slightly lower. However, African-American population at risk is much higher. In a surprising 36percent, African Americans not only develop the condition usually develop at an early age.

Due to unhealthy life style that many African Americans to keep your blood pressure is usually more severe and progresses rapidly. Research indicates that high blood pressure accounts for 20percent of all premature deaths among African Americans. This is twice the number of Caucasians are affected.

Mental stress is also a major contributor to high blood pressure. Mental stress can involve stress, worry, fear, work pressure or simply a competitive life. Also called type A personality, stress stimulates the secretion of juices undesirable in the body. In return, the arteriolar resistance is increased, which immediately causes high blood pressure.

Coincidentally, medical experts have declared that mental stress is related to the high percentage of African Americans with high blood pressure. African Americans are victims of environmental and socioeconomic aspects potentially stressful causes that people have the highest rating of hypertension in the world.

It is important for the treatment of this aggressive disease. The reasons for high blood pressure should now indisputably clear. It is safe to ignore the risks and signs of the condition that will not go away. More active role in improving their lifestyle to reduce your chances of developing hypertension.

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