The Great Experiment Cologne

Have you ever wondered if you use a certain type of cologne, it will draw more attention from the opposite sex to you? Did you ever stop to wonder whether certain fragrances or scents really do in fact attract certain types of people to you? These types of questions are running through my mind and driving me nuts trying to figure out if the myth is true or not. So I finally broke down and did a little experiment one weekend to find out if a certain type of fragrance attracts more attention from the opposite sex.

As you know there are many different types of men’s cologne and women’s fragrances on the market today that smell great and some so, you know, the kind of fragrance that makes your time walking and the other room because the smell is too strong or just smells horrible.
But on the other hand, there are many different types of men’s cologne and women’s fragrances smell just so damn good that you just have to go out and buy the time you smell someone wearing it. This was to be the basis of my experience.

The weekend was finally here and I began to start getting things in place for my experiment. I had my girlfriend and her sister come and start getting ready and plan this great experiment. The fun part about this experiment is that my girlfriend Valerie Patricia and her sister are identical twins. Their ages are only separated by minutes, but they look exactly the same. The only difference between them is Patricia have some birth on her cheek, as the type of Cindy Crawford and Valerie and has a birth somewhere only I know. I explained the game plan of how my experiment would work. Valerie had her best scent spray perfume for women before leaving the house. I do not know if you’ve ever smelled before, but the thing smells awesome. Patricia had me wear only one set of the set resembles Valerie wearing, but not exactly the same. Either way, they were both looking hot. My other friends were going to meet us at the new nightclub that opened in Miami South Beach called home. Needless to say this was going to be a fun night.

My Great Cologne experiment was to work like this. I was going to have to sit Valerie lower level bar and mingle with one of his friends. I was going to be standing around a little way back and look just to see what kind of attention it receives. Remember, Valerie is wearing the perfume. Next I go to Patricia upper level bar and mingle with your friend too. I had my friend Mark with his go and look to see what happens and let me know via text what was happening.

An hour had passed and by this time the club was crazy. Valerie had already received two free drinks just by sitting at the bar and talk to your friend. I sent a text message to my friend Mark to see if anything was happening with Patricia. He replied nothing so far, the bar tender here sending a free drink. This was very interesting to me. My work experience was the way I thought it would work.

Another hour has passed and now the club is even more crowded. Again, Valerie was getting more attention. This time an idiot gave him his phone number. She took the napkin that the number was and used it to wipe the condensation off your drink. I could not help laughing. However things were slow with Patricia, bar tender only interest in it is displayed. Mind you these are not your average girls. Patricia I’m surprised he was not getting the attention it normally does.

The night ended and we decided to leave and go home and talk about this experiment. Valerie told me that not only have to ask your kids what kind of perfume she wore. He also asked to get by girls too. She also told me that he thought from wearing the perfume that made it easier for the kids to break the ice with her and start a conversation. They all use the same line What kind of perfume is that? Patricia told me that the bar tender thought it was a cool chick to hang out with, so we kept purchasing drinks. She also said maybe from the bar offer to buy me drinks and talk to me most of the night, maybe the other kids thought I was her boyfriend, who knows.

Anyway my experiment worked. Valerie wearing her perfume smells better in women and not only received more attention from the opposite sex, but other women too. Patricia did not do well, but that might have been because the bar tender. You never know, she may have looked like it was already taken at night. However, my experience does not demonstrate that the use of a nice smelling cologne or perfume to attract more attention. It’s your choice if you want to use a nice fragrance or odor. I always do when I go for a night on the town. However, from this experience, I realize that there is much more to bring mens cologne or women’s fragrance meets the eye.

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