The fish oil and cod liver oil are two excellent ways to increase their levels of Omega 3

Omega 3 fish oil benefits fish oil Omega 3 benefits include many health benefits. The important thing to take Omega 3 is that higher levels of Omega 3 is very beneficial. Some of the health benefits included.

Reduce inflammation

Increase cardiovascular health

Decreased depression, anxiety, sleep problems

Lower incidence of childhood disorders as ADD

Reduction colon, prostate and breast cancer

Improving brain function

Two types of liquid omega 3 fish oil and cod liver oil. Fish oil and cod liver oil are the same except for one important difference. Cod liver oil has vitamin A and vitamin D. Vitamin D is as Omega 3. You’re hearing good things about vitamin D all the time. We can usually get enough vitamin D in the summer. If you give the sun a few times a week – you should be OK. Therefore, you should take cod liver oil in winter and fish oil in the summer. You can get too much vitamin D – so you should be careful and take only the liver oil cod winter months.

Caution: The fish would obviously be the best way to get Omega 3. Some are saying that almost all fish is contaminated with way too much mercury along with other heavy metals. That is why fish oil is recommended. You still need to get a good brand of fish oil. Fish oil or cod liver oil should be tested by an independent examiner to ensure that heavy metals are not found in fish oil. My personal choice is the Carlson brand. Testing mercury and other heavy metals are carried out.

One important thing to mention is that the taste is not bad at all. Be sure to buy the flavor of lemon or some kind of flavor. I bought the natural flavor. Oh Boy – that’s nasty. I mean NASTY. Just to let you know I took every drop of natural tasting omega-3 fish oil. By the time I reached the end of the bottle I swear I was starting to get used to it. Still I never buy it again tasteless. I like the lemon that tastes good and can even my children to drink.

Other staff tid bit I would add is that I really only have cod liver oil in winter. The spring when you start getting to the door again I take Krill Oil to increase my levels of Omega 3. I used to switch to fish oil, but to read a wealth of information that suggests krill oil is better then oil fish.

Conclusion: The important thing to take away from this is that Omega 3 levels are too low in the United States and probably most Western nations. Therefore, to increase your health personally I believe that increase your Omega 3 is the best thing to do. So there are many ways to increase the levels that we will get there and get healthy.

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