The causes of panic attacks (and how to fix it)

Panic attacks are fast becoming a plague in our society. And who can blame us? The constant threat of war, economic collapse, gas prices keep rising, unemployment is skyrocketing, and pollution seems to be an even bigger problem for the day. God knows we have valid reasons to panic if we choose to focus on them.
But these are the causes of our panic attacks?

Let me say here that I have done my schooling in psychology and serves much time helping people through depression, panic attacks, personal crisis and other problems to deal with all of one day to another. Over the years I have observed that the methods and techniques taught in the field of clinical psychology are very well documented, and completely and utterly useless.

In general, when you are asked a professional which causes panic attacks, you will receive a response in this regard.

The causes of panic attacks

The trauma of the past

Unresolved emotional issues

Chemical imbalances in the brain

While these causes sound very credible and will undoubtedly make you want to seek professional help (from several hundred dollars per session no less), they are ultimately not the problem. One of the oddest things about the field of mental health is that all the problems we try and write about troubleshooting only when the patient is willing to accept responsibility for their own thoughts and therefore can make a change to those thoughts.

Accountability is the cornerstone of mental health. With this in mind seems a little strange that the reasons have nothing to do with responsibility, but blame outside influences how you feel now. How can you learn the responsibility of paying someone to fix the problem? I’m not saying that seeking advice from people who have succeeded in taking responsibility is a bad thing, but I am saying that paying several hundred dollars because it is ridiculous.

What causes panic attacks? anxiety. Yes, your are valid reasons to panic. No, you do not have to think about them. Remember that before you decided it was something to fear, never thought about how much had to fear. When you choose to see in the world (or yourself) in a certain perspective of your mind jumps to the possibility of strengthening their choice of perspective.

When you choose to believe that you should be afraid, until you get more and more reasons to be afraid. Eventually you will end up being afraid of fear, panic about panic. It is a vicious cycle that can end in one motion, choice and responsibility.

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