The Breathing Method Really Improved My Asthma! Lastly Something That Works

They say that treatment for asthma is easy, simple and effective. All you need to do is take steroids to suppress any inflammation of the airways. This is also known as preventive.
That way, if and when you have an asthma attack all you need to do is inhale what is known as a muscle relaxant, commonly referred through a Ventolin inhaler or a spacer. This helps dilate the airways. What could be simpler?

However, there is now perhaps a better and safer way to treat your asthma or asthma in your child previously thought. While there is no doubt that these drugs work and I’m not suggesting that you completely overturned medication, what I am suggesting though is that maybe it’s time we all considered a safe and effective alternative, known as the Buteyko method.

Buteyko has to do with learning to breathe properly and learn to control your breathing to improve control and manage their asthma. While it may not improve lung function and inflammation that accompanies asthma can certainly help asthmatics reduce asthma medication if taught properly.

Buteyko developed about 40 years ago by a Russian doctor named Konstcontran Buteyko and is nasal breathing and learn to breathe more carbon dioxide and less air. While many of us are led to believe they are deprived of oxygen, the truth is that we had more than enough oxygen, it’s just not taught us how to effectively use oxygen manner. Therefore, the sole purpose of BBT method of breathing.

The Buteyko method is slow and shallow breathing and learning to calm and breath control, instead of many slow deep breaths.

Through the Buteyko method to learn to breathe properly through the nose instead of your mouth. Because its nose acts as a filter which is less likely to breathe in more pollutants and dust that may affect asthma. When you breathe through your mouth you are basically capture all the little germs and particles floating around, while the nose prevents some of these little ‘nasties’ fall into their airways and therefore allows its lungs fill with healthier and cleaner air.

In terms of asthma often there is some cause or precipitating factor that causes inflammation of the lining of the airways causing the surrounding muscles into spasm, often resulting in wheezing feature. Wheezing that doctors often to watch and listen too to determine if you have asthma or not. However many of us know whether you have never had a wheezing or do not have a peak during periods of asthma, but are still clearly asthmatics.

The main objective of Buteyko is to help learn to control their asthma by learning to relax more and less experienced stress can help start or worsen the conditions of an asthma attack. Buteyko can help people suffering from asthma or other respiratory symptoms suffer less than previously have difficulties.

There are different techniques related to Buteyko. One technique is shallow especially the nasal breath and then exhale slowly while another was more technical about relaxation and exercises for the upper body. Both techniques are said to be instrumental in helping people reduce their medication for asthma and breathing more normally and therefore live a healthy life less dependent on medication.

For the record I’ve started practicing some of the Buteyko breathing method. All I’ve been doing so far is breathing in and out of my nose as much as I can as slowly as possible. Can I say that has already made a huge difference for my asthma and I have noticed that the times I usually feel more exercised, have been able to achieve much more, because I’m not gasping for air as I have done previously . Also in terms of things like cleaning, driving in the car or even the kitchen, I noticed that I do in less chemicals or air pollutants and therefore am not for myself reaching Ventolin anywhere near as much. Now I’m getting more of the good smells and less of the bad-that now sounds like a healthy change for me.

This new method of breathing is helping me every day. The weather lately has been hot and windy and unbearable and, unlike before, I’m probably using now my Ventolin every second or third day during these conditions, compared to 3-4 times a day. It has helped me and also helps maintain a little too quiet and not as much panic when I feel asthma in coming. My nose and my lungs feel cleaner and I feel like I’m in better control my asthma instead of always having to rely on my medication or rush off to the doctor.

This breathing method has helped me enormously and although I have not given up my medication have been able to reduce the amount that I use and that for me is a big step in the right direction.

In any case as much as possible I intend to continue practicing Buteyko breathing method so that it can continue to improve my asthma and hope to continue reducing ccontradad medication for asthma that trust. Now what could be better than learning to breathe easier and more natural for an asthmatic?

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