Teens want to quit

Teenagers always want to fit in smoking and, while not as ‘cool’ as it once was, unfortunately, still prevails today. Instead of being angry with a teenager smoking, try to help them, because teenagers want to quit, but do not have the tools they need to do.

There are some negative aspects of smoking that you may want to share with a teenager.
Some things to note are:

Smoking does not make you thin. Look around, there are many smokers overweight.

Of course, smokers have a much higher risk of getting lung cancer, emphysema and heart disease.

Smokers get three times the cavities than non-smokers.

Smoking stains your teeth, makes your hair and clothes smell and cause premature wrinkles.

Smoking decreases levels of the hormone.

Nicotine gives very good feeling, but so do sports. Have you heard of runners high? Why not place sporting events.

Non-smokers do not want to kiss a smoker.

Think of the money you’ll save by quitting.

Most teenage smokers believe they will not be the smoking in five years, but the truth is about 80 will still smoking. The longer you put off quitting smoking, the harder it is. Teens want to quit smoking so why not take a decision today, because it is much easier to quit soon.

Did you know that a cigarette has 4000 chemicals? Here is a list of some of the chemicals that go into your lungs and cells:

Carbon monoxide, a portion of vehicle emissions.

Ammonia, I think clean floor.

Nicotine poison.

Hydrogen cyanide poison gas chamber.

Formaldehyde is used to preserve body tissue.

Methane, a portion of rocket fuel.

Arsenic is found in rat poison.

Cadmium found in batteries.

Butane lighter fluid.

Is the damage that these hazardous chemicals are doing to your body you imagine? It’s no wonder why smoking kills.

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