Smoking - Is it Necessary stop smoking Smoking Aids Stop Smoking?

Some smokers try to quit are criticized for trying the different stop smoking aids that are available these days. It is inferred that his will is weak because you can not quit cold turkey. But that’s like saying rather a diet suit everyone, that we know is not true.

It is a well known fact that a dietitian make different diets for different body types and metabolism done, so why should the rules for those trying to quit smoking to be different, so it should not. It’s great when we heard a smoker has quit cold turkey, is quite an achievement if you consider the addictive nature of nicotine. But what is more important, how to quit smoking or end result, of course, is the end result that counts. Therefore, if three smokers use three different methods then who cares, everyone is a winner.

It is probably true that Turkey is cold is a faster way to kick the habit of smoking, due to the fact that nicotine stays in your system for a short time after quitting. Many stop smoking aids are designed to replace cigarettes with a patch, pills or nasal spray, but still supply the body with small doses of nicotine to reduce withdrawal symptoms. What this does is allow smokers to come to terms with cigarettes, but not maintain a lower, reducing the dose of nicotine to the body no longer graves.

Clearly decide if you need help to quit smoking is a personal decision, as is a particular you choose to use. As for which one is the best, so it’s easy, it’s the one that fits and works for YOU. Sure it’s ok to question to see what has worked for others, but as we are all different with different sets of mind and various natural levels will always return to a certain amount of trial and error.

You will find that hypnosis will work wonders for some smokers, a couple of sessions and never went back to smoking, while for others it has absolutely no effect at all. Some smokers experience side effects quit smoking pills prescribed by your doctor, while others say they are brilliant. Herbal pills are another choice that many ex-smokers say they are the best of the lot, as they have no side effects due to its natural ingredients, work like a charm and not continue to add nicotine to your system.

There are patches, sprays, pills, Lazar and what happens, no matter, it’s really all about the end result, not how to get there. Therefore, keep an open mind, if one method fails, try another, refuse to be defeated in their goal of quitting, because at the end of the day, what ever the cost will be cheaper this way loss their health.

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