Science And Medicine In The Treatment Of Acne

Most doctors appoint their patients use alcohol to wipe his face. Sometimes the patient is advised not to wash your face at all, and just to clean the face with the alcohol solution.

However, research shows that alcohol and acetone destroy the protective barrier of the skin.
Also, now it was found that in the development of acne great role biologically active substances of the albuminous assigned nature of nerve endings in response to various stimuli. It is shown that the skin of people prone to acne is characterized by the abundance of nerve endings by increased number of nerves, able to assign substances – initiators of inflammation.

Therefore, all substances that can irritate the delicate nerves solution in the upper layers of the skin causes a worsening of acne. Based on the above-stated data, most scientists recommend starting treatment of acne with the transition to a way of saving washing with the application of gentle cleaning media created especially for sensitive and damaged skin. And, it should be noted that some dermatologists make such recommendations to their patients.

The strange situation has developed with ultraviolet radiation. On the one hand, research scientists tirelessly injuring action of UV radiation on the skin. Now known to both UV artificial light sources, and from the sun, resulting in changes in gene formula of cells in many years even can lead to the development of skin cancer. The role of the UV radiation in the development of premature aging of the skin is shown. Meanwhile, many patients hear the recommendation to treat acne with UV (UVI) irradiation.

It is known that UV-radiation is applied for the treatment of certain diseases of the skin (usually on the skin substances that are rendered, which raise the sensitivity of the sites hit UV radiation), but may recommend the Burn the sun as a means of acne, considering their action in wounded skin? At least, in the literature there are no instructions UVI is effective in treating acne, but no data, that damages the protective barrier of the skin, depressed immunity and promotes the development of substances that cause inflammation.

Despite the fact that formally are the viewpoints of the skin condition – acne, many people consider the lack of cosmetics that can be removed with some wonderful ways. How do I get rid of acne? , Ask a quick way to heal blemishes! I have to clean the face of spots Birthday – What will you advise me? , How to remove the fat content of skin and black spots – These questions overflow websites – forums.

In vain hope of getting rid of acne, teen, young, and very often also elderly woman, buy a wonderful medium after another, have been inspired by the successes, they become discouraged from failures, and new beginning in the search. Those who battles with acne rather a long time, you know almost all modern means of acne, and they have tried or will try. Using forum postings is not easy to select the media for treating acne independent.

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