Remove Three Foods To Avoid Acne

There are 3 meals get really impact how much acne and how severe it is. Unfortunately, these three are the food in a lot of food in the typical Western diet and sauces in it, its use in the kitchen, in margarine, eat meat, milk and cheese on a daily basis in both food and superabundance sweet and normal foods do not even think what you are doing for your skin.

Once you know which foods have these three ingredients that cause acne in them, then you will be able to better avoid them and replace them with alternatives not cause acne!

Number 1 food causes acne and should be avoided

Vegetable Oil

2 food causes acne and should be avoided


Food No. 3 causes acne and should be avoided

Saturated fats are found in meats, eggs and dairy

In fact, if you have severe acne it is very likely over these three eating foods that cause acne. Take these out of your diet and your acne will go fast!

So why do these foods cause acne

All are related to the production of hormones. Vegetable oils restrict anti-inflammatory PGE1 and PGE3 hormones and also become the pro-inflammatory PGE2 hormone. Saturated fats from meat, eggs and dairy products are similar to vegetable oils in their effects, but less severe. Sugar intake causes increased insulin restricting production PGE1 and PGE3 and promotes the production of PGE2.

PGE1 – anti-inflammatory hormone

PGE2 – pro-inflammatory hormone

PGE3 – anti-inflammatory hormone

. . . This is real bad for your skin!

I hope this helps and by removing these three foods can eliminate acne.

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