Proven Treatments for Acne - 5 Proven Treatments for Acne

Acne is a common problem among a lot of people these days. I once had acne really bad. I guess mine are classified as moderate acne, and I took all kinds of drugs to get rid of.
I would stay at home and avoid all public and family events because of my acne. None of the acne medication that I have tried seems to help me a lot. I would start to clear up, but just start again at me.

Acne caused me to lose some friends because I want to try to avoid them. I did not want to hurt them, but I did not want to be seen in public with acne problem I had. I would do anything and make any excuse that I did not have to leave. I wanted to go for fun, but the power of held me back acne all the time.

I will share with you 7 proven acne treatments that I have used to help clear my acne. He was tired of all the medicines, so I decided I had to be a better way. Natural was the answer. Natural treatments for acne are completely safe, and very easy to do.

Natural Acne Treatment 1

One thing you can do as a natural treatment for acne is to use toothpaste. Yes, you read right. Toothpaste can drastically reduce the swelling and redness of new pimples. Take toothpaste and put it on the affected area before going to bed area. Leave it there overnight. In the morning you should notice a big difference in the way your face looks. The swelling and redness should have gone down.

Natural Acne Treatment 2

This is more of a tip of a treatment, but still very important. NO scratch, pop or squeeze your pimples. This is a big no when it comes to caring for acne. When a grain of pop that are spreading the bacteria that caused the acne. This in turn causes more breaks. You also run the risk of pushing the pus further down the skin that lead to cystic acne. This is the last thing we want. Therefore, try to avoid cracking of the grains.

Natural Acne Treatment 3

This is one of the easiest treatments for acne now. Everything is water, and all you have to do is drink it. Make sure you drink around 10-12 glasses full of water every day. Water your system nasty toxins from your skin and helps in the healing process will be cleaned. By getting rid of the toxins that reduce the amount of acne breakouts.

Natural Acne Treatment 4

During each day try to take breaks and fresh air and sunshine. The sun and fresh air stimulates vitamin D to help fight acne. Fresh air and sunshine will also help reduce stress and get plenty of oxygen to the skin. Both are major factors in what refers to acne care.

Natural Acne Treatment 5

When washing your face, be sure to wash very gently. A great ccontradad make errors when doing this. Wash with soap that is intended for sensitive skin, and do not rub. You need to wash gently to not get worse

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