Pregnant with panic attacks

Being pregnant is one of the most amazing experiences of inspiration in life. We often think of the little body that is growing within us, eyes, ears, mouth, fingers, and toes are forming. Feel the kick and reflect on how your baby is comfortable or complain about the position you are sitting inches is truly amazing to think that soon the baby inside you it is going to be like you, a human being walking around the world experiencing life.

But with all that, we often forget the child within you is also the formation of a mind. Not only a brain but an awareness that is the basis of the rest of his life. They are becoming aware of themselves and this, as well as the growth of your body, you feel for the mother. It has long been said that mothers and their babies have a deep connection throughout pregnancy and after, this is very true and should be paid great attention.

During the years of his life that have built some natural responses to frustration, fear, anxiety, stress, and worry. All their life experiences have taught him how to deal with these feelings and what are often very well prepared for anything that might pop up. A panic attack is a feeling that all natural answers are not good enough to deal with a problem or fear. This is a very uncomfortable feeling and can get pretty extreme to the point of edginess, anger, depression or social phobia. In pregnancy, these symptoms may get worse. But why?

As I said, mothers and children are connected not only in body but in mind. So even though they have developed security mechanisms and tools to deal with their fear, anxiety or stress, his son has not done so. He Ansiedad she is beginning to experience life and this is very new. They feel their emotions and react to it as if it were their own. You are not just dealing with their reactions, these reactions easily frightened and defenseless baby that has not even been born yet.

These are deep and incredibly strong feelings and you should be aware of them or do you think there’s something wrong with you. Suddenly situations easily treat you before and seem more frightening. This is where REALLY parenting starts. You have to show your child how to deal with the fear and stress before their date of birth and even what he has to set an example in this case.

Remember that the only thing your child will learn from you throughout your whole life is how to cope with life. Remember that the way you feel is the result of how you feel and what you choose to focus on, and, even though very difficult, while you are pregnant will be the value in the long term for both.

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